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Here's Why the $2 Million McLaren P1 Is the Ultimate Modern McLaren

Main Here's Why the $2 Million McLaren P1 Is the Ultimate Modern McLaren

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    Le Typ

    Millionaire: "I'm always looking for a ride so thrilling my hands start sweating!"
    …. °thinks°
    "I think i'mma have Doug drive me around in my most precious toy today."


    Look at all those cars. I'm such a failure in life.


    Looks like it was in a movie.

    Ford Car Enthusiast

    720s is Faster


    I really respect Manny, you can tell he loves his cars and he loves to share them with people that also love these cars.


    After watching this review i feel Doug is British

    Bryan Yasuhara

    It comes with a blow chopper. Genius.


    I want to sell mclarens one day


    Me: Trying to save up to buy a modest house one day.
    Me: Watches videos about cars worth more than I may earn in my entire career.

    J C

    That Hermès Pagani tho~

    Aldo Susanto

    how convenient it is filming a review in Manny Kosbin's garage. If you want to point out an example of another super rare hypercar, all you have to do is just face the camera in the other direction. That being said, I'm starting to think Mclaren is a little bit an ass for sending a different color model car when you are spending over a million-dollar on their car lol.

    no name

    this guy owns basically my hacked gta 5 garage jesus christ

    Dennis Li

    this p1 is now broken LOL

    soon to be gaming channel

    Finally doug goes to manny khoshbin's garage

    Jurassic Coast Comics

    Why does it look SO much better than the ugly standard one.

    Zephyr Studios

    Eh, tbh the Tesla Roadster is better. Sure the cool likes really nice but the value for the price is terrible. Not enough tech for me, and speed is not going to make me buy a car. I mean if you are going to put this outside of your house for display. Not practical, no possible stowage, and expensive to maintain. Sure it really does look fancy and nice but that's it. Also… GAS


    woah! look how small that cabin is with two people in it!

    and the sound it makes is just …. damn. so amazing.


    I wonder if Koenigsegg would ever consider licensing it's superior door mechanisms to other makers?

    Michael Lam

    $2 MILLION DOLLAR CAR with no glove box? The glass roof is a hazard. If you flip the car on its roof the glass will shatter and probably decapitate you. Also it will make it hot in the car in the summer. The glass roof also weakens the roof and make it easy to crumple. The emode is a joke. Can only go 7-10 miles in electric mode? Why bother? McLaren should make the car hybrid so you'll have better mileage overall. Car is not sensibly designed. Everything is a compromise. Nah, I'll pass. Give me my 1995 Acura NSX Japanese supercar which drives like a dream and everything is made to cater to the driver. No compromise! NSX forever!


    The Prius shirt has got to be him being a troll hahaha


    Every since this car came out I've always thought it was so beautiful so sleek something about the curves just makes it so appealing. This is a color I've never seen it in, personally I prefer it in purple, orange, yellow or green. Something bright really catches the eye, this dark grey almost dulls it down to me but the iinterior color combo is attractive.


    « This is like a sleeper car » . If the McLaren P1 is a sleeper car, my car is in a coma.

    Zittam xd

    McLaren P1 GTR now pls

    Jonathan D’Orazio

    Doug the type of guy to have farmers tan


    Its Kinda funny because Manny broke it


    Chin implant…


    Enough trunk space for when I go to the Piggly Wiggly!


    I wonder if Manny has any built cars like a Harbinger 47 Mustang for example. Bit of a different experience after all those boring exotics.😜


    $2 mil for 2.6s 0-60? You've got to be shitting me. Elon musk's 200k car does it under 2 seconds. Why should I buy this junk?


    34:30 best Bill Clinton voice ever


    Here's Why the $200 Honda Civic Is the Ultimate Modern Honda Civic


    Legend says Manny lifting those doors is how he got those muscles


    You depreciated the value by $20,000 just by breathing on it.

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