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Here's Why the 2003 Audi RS6 Is Amazing and Horrible

Main Here's Why the 2003 Audi RS6 Is Amazing and Horrible

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO MOTORCARS OF THE MAIN LINE! The Audi RS6 is a great car — but it has …

    Xsbg 247

    I dont like audi i only love BMW because its the best.

    Thanasis Nterelis

    What would you say is the today's equivalent subtle / sleeper sports car ?

    Eugene 12

    This car is such a sleeper Fast AF

    Shahin meshkini

    Video about rav4 2019 .

    I Gy

    German engineering…Take a look at tanks in WW2.. Those german tank are simply the best compare to allies craps

    Jose Ismerio

    Do an Audi b5 s4

    xavier burton

    Doug do a review on the 1994-96 Chevy as impala

    Tadeo M. Cordova

    You have to do one for the Lincoln LS


    Doug! Try to get a hold of a Alfa Romeo 8C, good luck!

    Jor Cap

    In the Netherlands these cars often get stolen to do a โ€œplofkraakโ€. Meaning they are used as an escape car after using explosives to blow up atm machines

    T M

    100 times better as any american car…


    I live in Europe and Im sick of those regular A6's, they're everywhere just like A4. Dont care if its quick, Its still a fucking boring premium Skoda.


    What a cumbersome car


    Better hurry and review that celica for Scotty Doug! Lol


    A friend of mine bought an Audi S4 and convinced his wife that it was a diesel sport model. He drive really slowly when she was in the car.

    James Conroy

    He reminds me of Quentin Tarantino.


    Audi without a Single Frame Grille is just a normal car ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž


    I really like this era of car industry. I had 2003 Skoda Superb V6. It was very similiar car like A6. But RS6 was absolutely top car of VW concern. Thanks for this memory!

    Knight Industries

    Like E60 M5, a great car to hoon around in for a few hours and then return to the poor owner who needs to maintain it!

    Miguel Gouveia e Freitas

    How DARE you assume the sensitivity of my butt to temperature?


    You really have to come to Europe

    Adi Caleanu

    Interesting that my 2002 A4 has tiptronic buttons on the steering wheel but this 2003 RS6 doesn't. That tiptronic is a great feature to have when driving on snow.


    I've owned over 100 vehicles in my life.

    Oddly enough, my 2001 5spd A4 was the most enjoyable car I ever owned. Get a V6 though. 1.8T is trash

    DIY Mark

    Omg omg finnaly

    nicholas young

    Hey Doug, when are you gonna review the Chevy TRAILBLAZER SS???

    Sammy Goris

    Hey Doug, can you please do an IS 350/IS F review?

    C. Hubbs

    I've always loved this car. Back in the day my parents leased an 04 A6 3.0, and I remember the dealer had an RS6 in stock and were showing it off in the showroom. I remember those hilariously bad cupholders well. At the time, Audi was heavily involved with racing, and while most will remember their Le Mans prototype effort with perhaps the most successful sports car racing car ever built, the R8, they also had a full factory team in what was then known as the SCCA SPEED World Challenge. Prior to the 2003 season, they had used the S4 with the 2.7 turbo engine, but 2003, they stepped it up to the RS6. I was fortunate to see the RS6 run in that class in both 03 and 04 at Laguna Seca. The 03 cars were white and basically retained the stock bodylines, but the 04 cars had much wider fenders and huge tires, which IMO ruined the look of the car a bit. The Audis always had an advantage in the standing starts of those races, too. I remember seeing the RS6s blow past people vividly at the 03. The drivers literally had to plan how they were going to pull around the RWD cars on the starts. They also generally cleaned up if the race was in the rain as the AWD was basically unbeatable. One of the drivers was Randy Pobst, who most probably know better these days from his commentary on how new cars drive on the track.

    Domantas Raฤys

    No wonder that you are not getting the best rs models: they are all estates ๐Ÿ™‚

    Android 16

    Screw you Doug Demuro. You're amazing and horrible


    I hope you get the chance to get your hands on a C8 or Gt500 when they officially come out



    Tiersinski Kendrick

    I wanted one of those cars so bad but couldn't afford the maintenance


    C5 is the worst looking A6. Let's be serious now. Ask any Audi enthusiast.


    Am I the only one who uses the cupholder to store almost everything but no cups? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Rashad White

    I had 2003 a4


    get a s6 or s8 with the v10. they are reliable and also have 450hp. check mine out

    Kerem Arsan

    Dear Dougdemuro ,
    I am no more following you because you are not objective even your way to give scores look objective ( never a car can reach 100 points – so why the max is 100 ? it is a another question if nobody can reach … because you are using the same scoring method for each car category ( SUV , SEDAN , HATCH , SPORT , SUPER SPORT etc. ) , like acceleration will be probably never 10 for a big family SUV )

    If I come back to why you are not objective : You gave 5 points toCorvette C5 for Styling and you give 7 for Audi A6 – I am sorry but it is just not accurate , : I am not owning a C5 corvette ) , or Audi , you can change your score methods or try to be objective so I can continue to watch your videos

    Joe S.

    I see a lot of stuff familiar to my DD b5 Passat. Except mine is a manual. No tiptroinic for me.

    vedant Shah

    Please put the video of Mercedes Maybach s650

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