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Here's Why the 2020 Ford Escape Is a Huge Improvement

Main Here's Why the 2020 Ford Escape Is a Huge Improvement

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    THANKS TO NORTH COUNTY FORD! The 2020 Ford Escape shows that Ford is on top of its game. Today I’m reviewing the 2020 …

    Doug DeMuro

    "Variety" is reviewing a Vector W8 and a Ford Escape Hybrid within a month of one another. 😏


    Yes Doug me know! You think keypads on the car door hilarious. 😉

    Patrick Van Reusel

    The snowflake button is to activate millennial mode.

    Horace Lim

    The Ford Escape rental (last September) had the worst speech recognition I have ever used… any improvement there?

    Ben Krutpong

    Subaru also has the pin access feature, just doesn’t use a key pad, it uses the door handle, which is more discrete and better

    Trevor Martinez

    2 pens!!!! omg i gotta have it.

    Eric Perez

    Doug: "You can't translate a picture."

    The entire Chinese written language: Hold up – we've got this.




    I think the lack of "Second" seat pocket behind the driver in modern cars is mostly due to safety issues. 
    Sure older cars had it, but maybe now they do this since it's very difficult and dangerous to reach behind your seat while driving.  I guess you could argue they could be useful for the back seat passengers, but I donno. I think it's mostly for safety, rather than cost cutting.

    Caleb Jared

    Glad to hear lane centering is standard.
    Rav-4 started offering lane centering and adaptive cruise control standard in 2019 so I’m happy to rent those for long trips.


    The paint match on this car is awful holy hell the panel match is bad

    Roberto Sanchez
    Roberto Sanchez

    So Doug you have people trying to be like you… You need to put them in their place.. no one can do it like you

    Caleb Ojile

    Looks like a Kia and a Mazda had a baby.


    Why would anyone buy a ICE engine when Tesla cars are superior in every category.

    Tony Wellington

    your life is over if you drive one of these



    Jake Miller

    Kia Niro rated for 52 mpg, classified as a crossover. It's more of a wagon IMO, but…


    Re: keypad lock. Sounds very 80s to me… it's not a new thing, I just don't think I've seen it for a decade or two.

    Allan Davis

    How does this vehicle get more miles per gallon in the city than on the highway?


    Another highway clogging box jammed with non-driving tech, and maximum features designed to remove the driver…. from enjoying THE DRIVE.

    Omar Altabbaa

    dodge durango sp360r

    Jon E

    Doug "don't have to give anything away to get good gas mileage" DeMuro

    Christian Marcel

    The design is utterly disappointing. Probably the most boring car on sale today.

    Carlos Euceda

    No flooring it for acceleration test?

    P Brar

    Man this car looks hideous on road…
    What a shame Ford.

    Andrew D

    Doug you didn't even say anything about the fact the second row seats slide back and forth. The 2020 Escape has more rear legroom than a Chevrolet Suburban does. Surprised you didn't show that.


    Lincoln have the code lock type


    I'm really intrigued by this car. I like the overall look of it, I'm just not a fan of today's trend in grille design. One of the only car companies that's not using the "large mouth bass" grille design is VW.


    I think that little cup holder is where the ash tray goes if you order the smokers package

    d trex

    I really like the new look. When I first saw one I thought it looked like a small Porsche Cayenne. Nice clean look. Looked to see what it was an was surprised to find it was an Escape. I’m happy with my GTI but I’d buy one of those.

    Chase Tharp

    Looks like a Ford Focus. Cheap materials. Cheesy gauge display. I hate it.

    Casy Chapin

    Dougl acts so suprised that someone might want to turn off the unesasary things displayed on the infotainment system or the calm screen in the cluster, I really like that I would like it better if I could have the infotainment screen displaying only black except white numerals for the time and all.
    I drive at night allot and bright screens and lights bug me, I would rather have most of it offf

    Aaron Lovett

    13:04 that mpg though??? 🤔🤔🤔

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