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Here's Why the 2020 Kia Soul Is My Favorite Small Car

Main Here's Why the 2020 Kia Soul Is My Favorite Small Car

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The 2020 Kia Soul is my favorite compact car. Today I’m reviewing the new 2020 Kia Soul to show you …


    This thing don't looks "compact"

    Mage Co

    Low budget HUD…like in the VW Arteon 😂



    Happiness Bunny

    Review the Honda Fit


    Doug, while I generally agree with your reviews, I have to say I think the Honda fit is a better overall car.


    Sponsored by Kia.


    I note you’re not engaging the handbrake in a stationary vehicle. Engage that handbrake bud! I like this Soul, looks really good, but here in Australia, unlike the US, Australia never really lost its soul to the Soul, although this model may change perceptions if KMAu decides to import this for the 2020 model year. Drove the previous model as a loaner the other day. Quite a nice drive with the two litre engine.

    Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Complained about not quirky enough. Car manufacturers give some odd features and called it weird…. Smh

    Navoda Punchihewa

    people who complain about the soul being too ugly are the same people who complain about the nissan juke.

    Boring picky assholes

    RO G

    I think the hamsters played a huge part in the sales

    I Like Cars

    The front looks like a 2017 Camaro


    Can you do the 2019 Toyota Camry?

    Michael B

    If a redhead drove one, would they have soul.? 🤔

    Федор Горбуненко

    The car is beautiful and amazing. I really like her!


    coming from the honda e video this is eye pollution

    Hesam Khalilamou

    Doug get your hands on the Telluride when possible!

    Muzammil Hilal

    Doug De Muro, Kia Soul is inspired from Skoda Yeti IMO…Skoda is owned by VW…Hear Have a Look at the Old Gen Yeti…


    I like the Volt more. 🙂

    Tim Moran

    The speakers in the air vents next to the doors are the same shape as a speaker sideways. and the lights coming out are the sound.

    Andreas Foda

    I really like that you can find highlights in ordinary cars after driving all the exotics, Doug you are awesome:)

    M C

    Doug thinks District of Columbia is in Canada


    Eeeeeuuuuuuu its so ugly 🤦‍♀️

    Nick Levine

    Doug just didn't know where to put his leg around the 2:00 minute mark


    Do a review on a BMW X3 m40i please

    Can we get 1,000,000 subscribers without any videos

    When a compact Kia is on Trending


    that's one ugly duckling

    I bet that stupid mood light cots next to nothing
    but will be selling point for midlife crisis moms and stupid teenage girls

    I think it's good that they think in this direction
    but the rest should not suffer because of it
    and it's not even a good implementation
    it's appalling

    Harmon Tedesco

    Doug DeMuro is losing his Doug DeMuroness…

    Blizzard HQ

    It looks like a minivan


    I got rear ended in my mustang by a 2018 Kia soul

    Matthew Baquero

    Compact? What is this 1973?

    Chris P. Bacon

    is this a FAKE REVIEW….it's a commercial paid for by KIA….paid for fake clicks, to jump it to trending; 5,000 comments? There's your sign

    zombie_ tamer3130

    2020, wait a minute!

    Sancho Panza

    The five eyes are out of control. tbey have declared ware on the people they are supposed to protect. They need to be stopped


    That is not really a small car…and by Thor, is it butt-ugly!!

    Jamie P

    How can the front “light bar” than is not a light be a “light bar” DOH!!!!!

    Rachel Wolfe

    11:11 is the car lifted?

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