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Here’s Why the 2021 Kia K5 Is a Cool Midsize Sedan

Main Here’s Why the 2021 Kia K5 Is a Cool Midsize Sedan

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    CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! The 2021 Kia K5 is a new, cool midsize sedan — and it looks great. Today I’m showing you the quirks and …


    K5 is a cool name. Reminds me of K2, the 2nd highest mountain…. in the world.

    N G

    Doug travels in time as usual. 2021 lol. Check out tech passport and read the year of production.


    Anyone else see a pattern made up of sailboats in the grill?

    Don PCNO

    The sounds of nature is so you can lie to ur chick and tell her it’s raining 🌧 I’m struck in traffic.. or I’m at the cafe and it’s really packed in here

    Clell Biggs

    All work and no play makes Doug a dull boy.

    Alexander Coral


    Zachary Scott

    Is he drunk?

    Krishplay Z

    Can you review the Mercedes wagon 2021


    I thought YOUTUBE RED was supposed to block ads….




    1.6Tbo sold in US in Europe we will have 1.1TBO

    James Nave

    Will you do like an extended review on the GT2 when it comes out?


    Couple things, the car is going to be available with all-wheel drive. Something you can't get in other vehicles. The little wireless charging slot has active cooling in it, which can be a big deal. In the smaller infotainment screen option it has wireless Android Auto Apple CarPlay, but for some reason in the bigger screen model you have to use the cable kind of odd. I believe in the GT model all-wheel drive will not be available at least to begin with That's kind of unfortunate.
    It's also unfortunate that they did not offer the 2.5 naturally aspirated engine you can get in the sonata, also the gauge cluster set up in the sonata with that blind spot camera set up seems much nicer to me.
    I do believe the K5 has better interior space and headroom and combined legroom is better than the Camry or the Accord. A lot of these new swoopy sedans actually have pretty terrible headroom in the backseat.
    I think I would probably pick the sonata myself because of the interior options, and that naturally aspirated engine for long-term reliability. Unfortunately the sonata kind of looks like a catfish in the front.


    K5 = Korea ?? Maybe??

    Speed Fiend

    I have to agree with Doug here. You have 20 years of brand recognition for Optima and you just toss it out? FACEPALM!

    Could you imagine Toyota building up a name with the brand recognition of Camry and then saying, "NAH! We we just rename it the T5!" This is why Toyota has been on top for so long. They understand their customers and ultimately the market better than virtually any car manufacturer other than maybe Honda.

    Think about the reaction to the name change though…..

    Toyota: Introducing the NEW T5!
    Toyota Customers: Is that new Terminator model?

    Spencer Moller

    That was a serious THISSS

    triswonder 123

    Kia are junk


    TBH, it is one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen.


    i like it

    Mohammad Islam

    I threw up a bit in my mouth when saw the front end

    James Sword

    The adverts on this one are a bit excessive Doug

    Devin Pederson

    @Doug DeMuro dose it come in black ?

    Tim Sycks

    looks like my 2014 maxima

    Devin Pederson

    This car in all black would be sick

    Elie Maatouk

    Doug the type of guy to press the lock button when he is stressed

    Melad Gul

    You idiots always get the newest model of cars

    Devin Pederson

    10:03 it sounds more like running water in a sink


    Kia K5 Blazer

    Devin Pederson

    10:03 something you don't need in Seattle 😒


    Looks alright.

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