Thursday, March 23, 2023

Here's Why the Audi E-Tron Is the Future of the Audi SUV

Main Here's Why the Audi E-Tron Is the Future of the Audi SUV

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    Pathetic range. 7 years of concept car after concept car and this is the best they could do…


    Why did they make reverse forward and drive backward


    The battery is 95 kWh but only has a 204 mile range. The Model X has a 75 kWh battery and a 250 mile range. How is it THAT bad with that huge of a battery?!


    When power is dead how do you open the cap and charge?


    Doug the type of guy to do an oil change on an electric car

    Rathna Bhatt

    Volvo should do this

    Kevin G Laínez

    Well, still none of this brand can't compete against #Tesla #ElunMusk

    احمد العقيل

    This is the future in the present

    sivan ferna

    terrible name


    Honestly I think Tesla is way ahead of them at this point

    Squilliam Fancyson

    This car has zero soul

    Timmy MacGruber

    Why am I not surprised that Doug thinks it's great that an auto manufacturer is canoodling with tollway authorities to make it easier for drivers to give them money?

    P W

    THIS is just an extended advert for that car buying website which I refuse to name.



    Dido Ortiz

    Such a ordinary looking vehicle. Common Audi. Where is the passion? The design language is no different than it has been for the last decade. Make me feel something, anything! A car with no soul. 😑


    Why do you do your 'S' from bottom to top?

    Wafi 31

    I wish they don’t replace all of their cars with e-tron.

    Brendan Parsch

    I wish automakers would stop this weird shifter competition. A regular console (or column muahaha) shifter would suffice in place of this "innovative" garbage

    Ozzu Dali

    Isn't this charge point cover gonna be broken off when passenger opens door at the same time this is operated? 🤔


    Lol the future of Audi … but it is 10 year behind Tesla Technology, the model S technology of 2012 .. is way far advance than Audi, BMW, Mercedez of today.. completely over rated, smart people buy Tesla, Future is now


    He reminds me a lot of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory


    Alert the peasants

    Bob Boberson

    An electric anything should never get a FOUR. They are simply too quick for such a low score.

    Max Stoycos

    That’s a pretty rad t-shirt tan there Doug

    Nick Brock

    might be great, but WHY IS IT CALLED AN "E-TRON" ITS LIKE AN 80'S MOVIE

    Your Life Is A Great Story

    My wife makes the same humming sounds when she’s coming too.

    Giggidy Giggidy

    Guy Trottier

    No matter how good Audi makes their electric vehicules, as long as they call it the @E-tron@, I will burst out laughing when I hear the name. See, I speak French,and in French, @etron@ means @turd@…I kid you not…look it up. Audi, if you want to make it in French markets, change the name.

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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