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Here's Why the BMW M3 E92 Was the Craziest BMW M3

Main Here's Why the BMW M3 E92 Was the Craziest BMW M3

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The E92 BMW M3 was the craziest BMW M3. Today I’m going to review the E92 M3 to show you why the …

    Luke Bianchi

    E90 gang

    Tu Ru

    Glad I bought the e92 non M3. Only reason to get the M3 would be the V8.

    Also the back seats on the normal e92 are way more comfortable. The arm rest has cup holders. Tons of space. Comfortable seas. Even rear airbags on the pillars.
    Also the belt handler is on the normal e92. The center console is kinda a lot different. Dont even have the manual heat/cold adjustment. That's on the back only.

    Kinda sad you didn't show what the remote can do. Cuz it can close or open all the windows on the car.


    Explanation on the dial for the air vents. That doesn’t “override” your temp. It determines how hot or cold the air that blows on you will be while still trying to achieve the temp you set the car to be. Example if I want it to be 72 that can be done by blowing 100° air on me or 72° air. Also to note it does nothing as far as I’ve ever been able to tell over the years if you set the temp to max heat or max cool

    Ben Lee

    Whats more crazy is the unnecessary money you have to spend on this kind of cars. When you can always spend way less and own a nice car that does the same shit takes you whatever you need to go

    Marcus Cornelious

    That backseat armrest is hilarious

    Sam L

    Now the million dollar question – E92 or the E46? 🙂

    Clemens Probst

    Gong is German for bell.


    I just brought a 2020 Cadillac CT6

    Armoni Visuals

    788 people watching this video own an M4


    4:21 you mean its HOME

    Joseph Mwangi

    they launched this thing with a free video game

    Richard Lamb

    We had a fully loaded 2008 BMW 335xi sedan which we absolutely loved. Below 60k miles it was pure joy. Above 60k miles it was satan, with constant expensive repairs. Those first 60k miles though were a total blast!

    Mark M-K

    The turn signals can be manually cancelled by simply applying a half-click up or down. If you do a full click it’ll only stay on in whatever direction you promoted it. Not complicated at all.

    Oh, and the cup holder are a nightmare. They like to launch drinks all over the car at any given time.

    Intensify YT

    6:10 Daddy Doug explains why some BMW drivers don’t use turn signals

    Gregory Samuels

    Thats why the DCT transmission was better on the e90 model ///M3’s they kept the engine in the power band better than the manual, just cause its a manual doesnt make it better and thats why they are dying cause its old technology and plp dont realize that autos are better and more reliable than they used to be…

    Rat3d M

    E46 is still the best

    Toni Biočić

    7:08 you can slide Driver part forward for better elbow support. Use it all the time.


    This why I like japanese engineering over german. Classic german over engineering. Bet she is a beast to try and work on.

    Alex Mayer

    Because the arrow raises the locks Doug 🙂


    Doug i thought you actually liked that turn signal stalk and had it installed in your range rover……


    No bmw driver ever uses a turn signals that’s why they haven’t quiet gotten the hang of making a functional one


    sounds like Doug is a little jealous of the key pouch tbh

    Raveen Richie

    So you beat the crap outa the e60 m5 for rod bearing problems but not the e92 even though it suffers the same issues? Hm weird.

    Brad Boardwine

    Those turn signals and wiper stalks are like that in my Lexus GS f. Worst thing about that car

    Chezré Jacobs

    it looks more like a house than an arrow

    Fleur 666

    Does this specific car remind anyone of Need Speed for Most Wanted 2012?

    Andrrssnn T

    Nonsense everyone knows the craziest is the e30 m3

    Strangeman MTD

    Doug should come to Australia and do a show on the 1971 XY GTHO Phase 3.


    You probably won't lose money on these in the long term, aside from high maintenance costs. Probably a good investment if you wanted to enjoy an M car.

    The Adventures of Bob

    now I know why bmw drivers dont use their turn signals, thanks doug

    The Adventures of Bob

    my old car…. good to see her again


    This car is so dirty engine is dirty,,,,,this owner must not taken care of his M3. my M3 is so clean you can actually eat on it.. and the review sucks,

    Yash more

    The day doug reviews M3 GTR I'll have my life fulfilled

    Andrew Osborne

    The centre vents were used for driving in cold weather with the climate control set to be warm for comfort and the cool setting to point to your face in case you get drowsy from the warm cabin especially when on long trips at night. We used it for that anyway and worked pretty good.

    Bruce Langlois

    Wow, that mic is very annoying!!

    Robi Rhodes

    If you hold the arrow down it will roll the windows down


    Turning signal is also like this in the model 3 and it is very annoying

    B C

    ummm….the reason there is a split between the armrest is that the driver side one slides forward so you have better elbow rest if you want. C'mon Doug.

    Moe Zawawi

    I couldn’t agree more – One of the Best Cars of its era

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