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Here's Why the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 Could Be Better

Main Here's Why the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 Could Be Better

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 is fine — but it could be better. Today I’m reviewing the Q50 Red Sport 400 …

    Wall T

    Range Rover ads on Dougs video 🙂 Ahhhh yes the ole days.

    jacob stiltner

    Review a 2014 Q60 IPL I have one. Make sure it has the red seats.

    Austin McGee

    I currently have a 2006 G35 Sedan and I was planning on leasing a Q50, but after watching this I'm not so sure.

    calix dázeroth

    Dough is a type of guy who shifts in middle of a corner.

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    This dude hatin

    David Gift

    This car made mr me wonder. Does infiniti test their cars b4 selling??

    Daniel Hernandez

    And this, ladies and gents, is why I think Nissan and Infiniti are never worth the money.

    Juan Carlos Perez-Ortiz

    Who uses nav system though?
    Everyone uses their cellphone.


    is any infiniti cool ? they are such poor sellers down under that they are pulling out from the Australasian market.

    Matthew Perry

    Armpit string.


    You got stringy pits, bruh.

    Dustin Garrison

    Doug, I’ve watched you for years but do the new Toyota Camry for me


    This car is so underwhelming. It could be badged as a Nissan and it would still just be average aside from the fancy wheels, brakes, and turbo.

    Randy Pender



    You couldnt even vacuum the trunk before shooting the video?

    Amy Shaw

    Imagine lending someone your car and them bashing it to the level of faq

    Matty P

    Please do a Ford Fusion sport

    Sauce Gang

    Q60 is nicer

    D K

    Doug the type of guy that is break hearts and rippin farts

    Wild_ Toilet

    The Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400, possibly the most “fine” fast car on the market currently


    Doug can walk his dog

    jim james

    Well, whaddidya expect? It's a Nissan

    try a Lexus next time

    N G

    Should have done the q70L 5.6

    John Riley

    This car is ass brand new but amazing used lol

    Joshua Zamora

    I thought the Q70 was the Nissan Maxima of infinity


    This was so disappointing. I’m pretty sure all the Infiniti fans, have been wanting you to review the 2019 Q60 Red Sport coupe. It’s the most slept on car in the market, and it’s wayyyy nicer than what you reviews in this. Like you literally talked about the g35 and the IPL’s and you couldn’t review the q60 Lol. Sorry the Infiniti fan boy in me just really wanted to see that….

    Rob Gonzales

    Doug, great review but your review of the Technology portion is not 100%. I have a 2015 Q50S with the TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE. It adds Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and correction, Emergency Braking to avoid Rear and Forward Collisions, AutoHigh Beam (turns off HighBeams when an oncoming car is detected). The Navigation is voice activated and can follow voice prompts and enter addresses just by speaking. Also no mention of the 4 cameras for parking, front, rear and left/right sides.
    The other portion that was incorrect was "knowing you bought the Sport Trim" . the Q50S comes with sport seats, larger 19 inch wheels, sport tuned suspension, larger brakes upgraded front and rear (4 piston), and the front bumper is completely different than the base.

    The RedSport is more than fine – and your review could have been better with a proper example of the RedSport.


    Overall, I think you are intelligent, witty, and fun to watch, but honestly, your negative attitude in this was difficult to muster through. Keep your opinions, lose the attitude, Doug.

    Ryan Siegel

    review the jx35

    Ryan Siegel

    it was slow bc u where holding it own smh

    David Hammett

    This is a new car? Wow. My Acura TL has the exact same climate control layout. And it's over 12 years old!

    Lennon Watkins

    Jesus Christ was that harsh! I mean, it’s not a BMW but it certainly isn’t an impala either.


    review a first gen FX please 😀

    Big Izzy84

    Nissan is awful. Period. Reliability is garbage.


    We need to get him to review kosky’s q50

    Kyle Snyder

    I’d rather have a 2017 Chevy SS

    Helton Rodrigues

    Review Q60 red sport features, it should get better score starting with the visual.

    Sebastian Campos

    doug can you get a camera with a wide angle for whenever you are testing the cars? its kind of weird to watch your face so close.. thanks


    Nah the best Infiniti is the M37s

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