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Here's Why the Lexus LS600hL Is the Ultimate Lexus Luxury Sedan

Main Here's Why the Lexus LS600hL Is the Ultimate Lexus Luxury Sedan

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The Lexus LS600hL is the ultimate Lexus luxury sedan. Today I’m reviewing the Lexus LS600hL to show …

    Xavier Perkins

    I was waiting for another fart in a Lexus 😂💩

    Seth Herron

    ive never seen one of these

    Martin Stoyanov

    I've alawys found rear seat DVD and glossy cherry wood veneer very "cheap", even though actually expensive.


    I would love to get a used LS, I would go with 460 I belive. Sad these are kinda rare in Germany.


    The main difference is the headlights


    There is no number 4 choice for the turn signal indicator, because no. 4 is an unlucky number in Japan. 4WD cars are called AWD for (most) of the Japanese car brands, for the same reason.

    Heikki Remes

    Lexus really screwed the pooch with the new styling. This and the S190 GS were the pinnacle of understated luxury design. Wrong move, Lexus, you lose!

    Mateusz Kubiak

    Neat! But my 2007 Prius has automatic parallel parking 😉

    Eric Rucker

    My 2016 Prius has an 800 page owners manual:
    And then a 294 page navigation manual:
    And a 64 page warranty manual:

    And then, because those are all ridiculous, there's quick reference guides!

    Another 53 pages here (using page numbers, there's 56 in the PDF counting covers and such):
    And 41 here (44 in the PDF counting covers et. al.):

    That's a total of 1252 numbered pages.

    For a company that claims to be protecting the environment, they sure are cutting down a lot of trees to print their manuals…

    Dr Fear & Co.

    I think that car would have a much nicer interior if it had a black roof liner.

    Down_ Shift

    I want to know how in the Hell hasn't any big car reviewer's like you, That Dude In Blue, Matt Maran Motoring, Redline Reviews, Saabkyle04, Super Cars of London, Seb Delany, Autotefegul, and many others haven't gotten yalls hands on a Saleen S1? That's has to literally be the best sports car in the world.

    david mulligan

    Problem is, too many electrics, I have more electrics on my tooth brush than my car, just the way I like it

    Tom Schulte

    20:30 Nah , nah, nah. These aint for the remotes. These are for when u run outta hybrid energy.


    Lexus is the shit. My father has a 2006 ES330 that just hit 250,000 miles, which means it’s driven the distance to the moon and then some. He let me borrow it to run an errand the other day and it’s still smooth and quiet as ever. It’s been a phenomenal vehicle.
    The transmission did go out at 97,000 but it was replaced under warranty and hasn’t had an issue since.

    0riginal _Panda_Child

    The 2000s is when lexus was actually a luxury brand

    Dan Mosqueda

    I want this for a Lyft car!!!

    Daniel Duarte de Oliveira

    Number 4 in japan is related to death because both are pronounced “shi”, that’s maybe the reason why you don’t have even numbers on the lane change signal flashes

    Syed Mohiuddin

    I just hate the fact that they make this fantastic performance oriented automobile, but then it has to be chauffeur driven else you will look like a chauffer if you drive it … Shame.

    Amg Power

    Doug, please do a review on 2020 Lexus RC F track edition next.

    Fred Azzarello

    This car is the biggest sleeper ever. I bought an 08 LS600hL last year and can’t believe the value. It’s all the greatest things people love about the Lexus LS, but on a whole other level. Epic👍

    John Lukach

    Features 6 out of 10? A Mercedes with half the tech 9 out of 10. What an unbiased review


    The LS wasn't the first production car to have a self parking system, it was actually the Toyota Prius. However the LS was the first car to be sold outside Japan with that system, the Prius Intelligent Park Assist was only for the JDM models.

    TJ Hemphill

    I want to speak about the car……. overall, super dumb. You got a driver bitch? If so then the back seat was kinda dope for that gen….. or this gen. I just don’t see the market if you are Lexus. But I’m not the expert……… how many were sold??????


    Because its a Lexus, everything still works

    Romulo C

    Nice but where’s the Baja video?

    Paul Dub

    Doug the kind of guy to not trust automated parking function cos it might be too old…or because car has too many auto features

    Vinchenzo C

    If unlit that little coin box can catch you right on your kneecap as you enter and exit.

    nickie banchou

    12:24 : the button appears to be catching the sunlight, so it only stays "lit" during the day 😛


    In the UK average price is £15,000 but annual tax £315 still more worth than getting a german

    Daily Dose of E85

    I only think hybrid cars belong in luxury cars

    Jeyo Rodriguez

    Doug the type of guy who reviews a car and tell you it has 4 wheels

    Filip Szmek

    This car has EVERYTHING besides stupid amout of idiotic useless screens and you give it… 6 for features? This is insane, how many cars do have VENTILATED rear seats ELECTRICALLY OPERATED with EXECUTIVE PACKAGE and DVD SYSTEM? Only a few. You gave GLE 9 points for features, why? It has nothing. Not even passenger memory, no electrical back seats, it has 0 features compared to LS. So features = how many screens it has and how “modern” they are.


    doug was less than 20 miles away from me

    John Nada

    16:10 what she said

    Mirza Munif

    When I was a kid and I saw my first ever Lexus LS I thought the car was Germany that's how good the car is

    Bruno Feges

    I don't think that anyone buying a 130k$ car has a problem with reading 1k page booklet

    Jonah Mills

    5:20 "Pussy King"

    Gentel Men’s channel

    I like it when you said it's a comfortable Camry😂😂😂 A Mercedes is always a Mercedes❤️❤️❤️


    Wrong. The 2010 BMW 760Li makes 536 horsepower from a 6.0 L V12 BiTurbo

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