Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Here's Why the Maserati GranTurismo Is the Only Good Maserati

Main Here's Why the Maserati GranTurismo Is the Only Good Maserati

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    how much was the push to start option?

    Angel Dimitrov

    The horizontal holes are for measuring inside temperature 🙂

    κόστάζζζ μάχέρόπόύλός

    am i the only one that thinks this car's styling is sexy af?

    Kamal Lenovo

    This dealer now is throwing darts at Doug's picture on his office wall.

    Yuvraj Singh

    Doug the type of guy whose favorite color is day.

    G Namnah

    What's the problem with buying an after market infotaiment system ? Why do u have to be so naggy about it, you don't buy these kind of cars because it does or doesn't have a navigation system, porsche strips down all "luxury" stuff from certain models and then charges you double …..there are a mitsubishi with all the features you mentioned thar are lacking , it is still a shitty car …..


    Only good because part of its name is an amazing video game XD

    Roger Phillips

    I think the small horizontal holes on the climate control panel are temperature sensors…

    Radosław Dryja

    Horizontal holes in climate control panel are for temperature sensor. This panel is reminder what it look like around 2005.

    Intrnt Tough Guy

    It is vintage right from the factory.

    BadR ‘ S

    You never reviewed lexus is350 or isf

    gaat jeniksaan

    haha I remember those phone number buttons from my dads 2005 Alfa Romeo GT


    5K miles from 1 owner is BRAND NEW car! When I think about it, I realize it is due for 1st oil change soon:) Some manufacturers used to ask for an oil change around the 1K miles mark, after the break in period, but I don't know if it is still a thing, and which brands/cars are required to have it done.

    Risto Karatisto



    Really missed an opportunity to put a monkey sound when he showed the picture of the fish.

    Andrei Gauna Adamson

    Clima and radio/phone controls are from a Peugeot 407….
    All that ancient tech is becauce all of the Masserati CEO and designers are old farts. Shame


    Why would you buy this or 911 secondhand when yoy can get a secondhand gtr for 50-60k

    Florian J

    In the glove box there are auxiliary input. You can plug in what you want and the ipod adapter was installed there. Sometimes you are a little bit stupid just to blame the car. Why you don't have pulled it out? You can't be serious.

    imam Baybars

    This is one of the funniest Doug videos ever, he really enjoys ripping on Maserati, lol


    15:01 Exhaust note 🙂

    The Wedge

    slow as fuck, expensive, unreliable, quickly depreciates, outdated…. everything you want in a car LOL

    Denis Viktor Di Biase

    Doug : can i Review the brandnew 2020 Maserati?
    MarkMotors: get a fck out of here


    What sbout ye ol MC Hammer? (The MC12)


    Daum, how does Maserati have any customers.
    it would NEVER cross my mind to buy this car for that amount, I would walk out the shop after a quick glance on the interior, my Mazda 3 from 2012 seems like a luxury car compared to this!

    Dominik Schmidt

    This car is supposed to give this raw experience of driving an oldschool car. Hence there is still the NA V8 and an amazing exhaust note. Modern tech and fast laps are just not the strong point of that car. There will be soon a new and better successor, but it won’t have the same traits the current generation has.

    Midnight club Los Angeles is dead

    What about MC12?

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