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Here's Why the Mini Clubvan Is One of the Rarest, Weirdest Modern Cars

Main Here's Why the Mini Clubvan Is One of the Rarest, Weirdest Modern Cars

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO CREVIER MINI! The Mini Clubvan is one of the weirdest cars …

    Doug DeMuro

    Sometimes, you make a video because you REALLY want to make it, even though you know nobody will watch it. This is that. Enjoy!

    panggop jio

    I think my friends neighbor has one of these lol I’ll have to check

    Brent Fairlie

    I think the Mini Clubman was the most interesting of the Mini range. Cool little car


    Seems like that would be an easy conversion to do to a clubman, not that I would have a reason to.

    Bob The Croc

    Doug dresses like a level one crook and I love it


    States how common the base car is while two of them are driving by at the exact same time 17:39.


    I think I have actually seen one of these in Chicago , man these would be awesome if they were modded

    Jason Wines

    Doug the kind of guy that looks like a giant explaining a hatchback.

    Gelo Mendoza

    It is a car for a dead dwarf.

    pillar heights

    love to chicken tax story. Phenomenal !

    Steve Liu

    what a pile of shit

    Pablo Ortega

    Mini van is 30 years late…

    Toddrick Metzger

    When you need that low stance but got soccer practice to go to

    Hunter Tomlin

    Interesting fact, the chicken tax is the reason why the Subaru Brat came with rear facing seats in the bed as the government considered it not a truck.

    Zednix 55

    I wish they would abolish the chicken tax and we could get all the cool small trucks

    Ricardo Mendez

    I love that car!

    Jacob Zorio

    The chicken tax is also why the Subaru Brat shipped with those seats (that everyone immediately removed) in the bed.

    The Odd Critic

    I find it interesting that at 10:25, the "ER" on "COOPER" is taken off, leaving only "COOP". The only term I can think of that uses "coop" is "chicken coop".
    The Mini Clubvan was taken out of the U.S. because of the chicken tax.

    Is that a reference, or is the "ER" taken off by random chance?

    Brian Andersen

    This is Doug DeMuro the weirdest Chanel on YouTube

    steven stivers

    Well doug. I told myself that the day you started reviewing Mini vans, id unsubscribe

    Fiction Donut

    I think my friends neighbor has one of these lol I’ll have to check

    Briton Kraemer

    So the Honda Ridgeline doesn't apply to the Chicken Tax??

    K. Gordon Raphael

    I came here for the"Chicken Tax" jokes. 🤣

    Agitating Skeleton

    now that's what i call a minivan

    Jodie Ford

    Doug’s t shirt needs a t shirt.

    Mitch de la Guardia

    I own a 2008 Clubman S, and let me tell you, that third sun visor is absolutely brilliant. I wish my GTI had one, as the front visor simply doesn't come back far enough in the coupe version.

    Steven Chabot

    I love van cars. I would seriously consider getting an HHR Van as a daily

    Jag man

    It’s missing er on the cooper badge


    I’d possibly buy one

    Marek Jelínek

    Van versions of normal passenger cars are very common in Europe.

    Duje Videka

    The van mod is pretty standard in Europe, construction companies often buy these cars, it's the same as the regular car but the government will go easier on you if you register it as a "cargo vehicle"

    fab lan

    Stupidest car ever


    Chickens have indeed changed a lot in the last 50 years.

    GuideBeauté Jeu

    I really enjoy you reviewing weird cars like this.


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    The "Chicken Tax" is why the original Subaru Brat had the crazy jump seats in the bed.

    Eric Steiburg

    Do a ford pinto next

    Fraser Wilson

    Wtf I see them all the time in the UK¿

    Peter Gruhn

    Been on my wishlist for a while. Glad to see it. Learned interesting stuff. Probably don't want one any more. But I still do.

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