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Here's Why the Toyota Highlander is the Best SUV for the Money

Main Here's Why the Toyota Highlander is the Best SUV for the Money

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    Toyota Highlander suv review. Here’s Why the Toyota Highlander is the Best SUV for the Money, suv review and suv tour with Scotty Kilmer. The best new and …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    geoff jefferson

    Toyota CVT's are very economical

    Pap Smear

    The weakest and most feminine suv, for sure. Never would I ever drive a Japanese truck or suv.

    the Nixon’s Nixon’s

    Tommy Robinson Tommy Robinson Tommy Robinson Tommy Robinson

    oscar serratos

    I have a 15 Highlander awd and can vouch that it's a great SUV!! We love it!! Oh, and of course it's a Toyota, last forever!! 👌


    What's this called in Australia??

    Andrew Card

    Is it just me or does Scotty look a bit like Geddy Lee from Rush? Both great at what they do in my opinion.

    RedWhite&Blue 78

    My wife has a 2013 Toyota Highlander… It's a great vehicle.

    Adrian B

    Not true, can get a fully loaded sorento for the price of a mid trim highlander. It's faster too


    Where I live the old ones cost as much as the new ones.

    Adithya Chennamadhavuni

    Try telluride

    big boy trucker

    Hey Scotty I was thinking of buying the 2019 Honda Civic or should I just stick with my 2002 Honda Civic LX which do you think would actually be better a new one or sticking with the old one and what problems do you know of the 2019 Honda Civic

    Donte Black

    I brought a new one for my wife she loves it👍



    Khaled K

    I agree. Toyota is the best, and highlander is one of the best SUVs


    They are the best ! I traded 2007 Chrysler pacifica. Rebuilt engine still trouble. 2011 Toyota Highlander limited best trade ever!

    Allagadan Design

    Used Highlander prices in my country skyrocketed when you started mentioning them Scotty. My plans of getting a WRX is also cancelled due to one of your videos.

    Gary King

    How is that the Highlander off road is it good for beaches like Long Island New York

    Gimme Some Speed

    Toyota’s are the best in reliability, bar none… I can say this from personal experience. My ‘01 Chrysler T&C minivan just turned 222,222 miles. Still running strong too! Be gentle drivers and your cars will last many years 🙂

    Juan Ruiz

    Scotch Scotty?!!!




    Nice VW Squareback.

    Jochata Marrqueen

    Highlanders are very nice! I had one but I gave it to my daughter


    We bought a 2005 Highlander, 3.3L V6 w/ all-wheel Drive in 2015 with 54,900 miles. It has been a good one and my wife has been driving it and loves it. I put on a set of Michelins a year ago and that helped the ride and handling. With the AmsOil lubricants it should last a long while. We’re at 105,000 miles now and it’s a keeper.


    My girlfriend just got an '05 Limited with 160k on it….drives sooooooo well. LOVE IT. Burns no oil. Leaks nothing.

    marvin martin

    Sorry Scotty. Love your content. But there’s no such thing as a good suv. They’re all junk. For idiots to buy.

    Abraham Ruiz

    Hey Scotty I’m trying to buy an i finty g35 coupe and I heard they’re good engines but it has 175,xxx miles do you think I should buy it or any suggestions before buying it?

    Heinz Guderian

    Looks like the check cleared.


    I and the rest of the USA disagrees with you! The number #1 reliable SUV is Lexus RX F 350. Do your research right bro!


    This is exactly what my wife and I are going to buy!!!!

    Lewis Johnson

    I think it would be a better choice if it was faster.
    Saying “you don’t need a fast car because you live in the suburbs/city” is like saying I don’t need a hot girlfriend even though ai have a small peepee. It’s just not true

    dad life yall

    Hired a highlander when we went to New Zealand and was really impressed with the highlander good fuel economy and power 7 seats as well awesome car

    Mario Wilson

    Love Toyotas thank you Scotty


    We have a V6 2005 highlander… just 300,000 miles… we rarely have problems with it and Toyota has good service… can’t believe it still runs as good as it does


    Honda Pilots and 4 runners are nice too.


    I've got a 2005 Nissan Armada work 250 thousand on it. It still runs like brand new. Original engine and transmission. Only changed the starter once.


    Sounds like Norm Macdonald


    You failed to mention the limited service campaign toyota has for 2008-2011 V6 models for a failing oil line.

    Daniel Mehlhopt

    Yes, but they're thirsty.

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