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Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Best Off Road SUV

Main Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Best Off Road SUV

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    Land Cruiser Prado review. Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Best Off Road SUV, suv review and suv tour with Scotty Kilmer. Is the Toyota Land Cruiser …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Harrison Sutton

    This gives me another reason to want to get a Lexus GX here in the states! They are a pretty good deal too.


    Pakistani from Kenya – WTF?

    The MotorBlox

    Go to the outback in a jeep
    Come back in a land cruiser
    Or Patrol


    Same engine as fj cruiser, Tacoma, 4runner….only the Prado and FJ were built in the HINO plant in Japan.


    In my opinion ,although not as big, the older ford explorers >>>>>>

    gavin lively

    What’s the extra front mirror for?

    Twisted Soul

    There is no prado in USA it will be best selling vehicle


    Great vid and presentation. I personally don't like kukuruzers. They are not fully fledged offroads nor suvs

    Chaige Baker

    Even though the Prada carries the land cruiser name, it is actually based off of the 4 runner/ gx 400 platform. So it’s not a real land cruiser, still a beast though

    No Name

    I just saw a Chevy Malibu race a 4runner, both going 70+ mph on a very lumpy intersection, car went airborne for a split second, lost control and ended up on a school property. Smh. Thank God I was in no rush to get on the road. Toyota suspension <3


    you know another place that the roads are not perfect, united states.

    Name Surname

    It's maybe best in desert, but in the real world with snow it's crap, it rusts like hell.


    Great job!


    TOTALLY agree, I own a 2004 Prado Landcruiser, very similar to yours, love it.

    Tom Knud

    Cool car!


    It would run well in Thailand.



    randall jr Benoit

    No change the filter more often than the oil if its synthetic…. 20k km /14k mi is way too much for anything but a ROYAL PURPLE oil filter/knn/amsoil filter

    & i change mine /both at the same time every 10k mi i pushed it to 12k once it was dirty filter was heavy with dirt/debree so 8- 10k intervals is what i recommend on any Toyota!


    which is better overall Land Cruiser or Lexus LX?

    Kip Paseo

    Why does the Taliban always drive Toyota trucks?

    Kip Paseo

    isn't that what we call a Lexus GX AKA Toyota 4Runner?


    That rear spoiler and stick on chrome taillight trim is so cringy

    skip davis


    Scott Worthington

    Beautiful Cruiser. Well made video.
    Anybody else disappointed that he didn't' go off road? Maybe a little hill climb?
    It's in the title. I don't want to see Wasim tear up his daily driver, but a little demonstration would have been welcome.
    Thanks for sharing, Wasim. It really is a well made video.
    Thanks, Scotty.


    What a very well put together video he did!

    Matt G

    Beautiful ride man !!

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