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Here's Why this Spider Will Destroy Your Car

Main Here's Why this Spider Will Destroy Your Car

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    Here’s Why this Spider Will Destroy Your Car, DIY life hackcs and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car life hacks. Car destroyed by spider problem.

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Really nice cars attract women

    Thomas Jefferson

    Scotty: make video saying not to buy video from carvana
    carvana: oh ya… advertise heavily on scotty's channel

    Doug N

    I always close the windows on my car even when it's in the garage. Keeps the bugs out.

    Shawn H

    ✓ '94 Celica
    ✓ Semi-rambling obscure statements
    ✓ Overpriced hardware not-for-shadetrees
    ✓ Shouting without reason or provocation

    charles champion

    Rev up your daddy long legs they kill gas sniffing spiders


    Environmentalists are the biggest scammers, behind governments…oh wait they are the same people

    Patrick O’Donnell

    Scotty I love your videos but clean up your work areas! Looks like a landfill in your garage and outside of your garage.

    Jonathan Vazquez

    i getting flashbacks to that one video by Rob Dahm 😂

    Jody Everett

    If you have not already, you should do a video on how to keep rats and mice from destroying your cars wiring. I have heard something about using ultrasonic generators for this.

    Ponchito German

    Scotty, I bought a 2004 Toyota Corolla standard transmission 202,000 miles, after 2 day of running the car, I notice a noise in the engine, is a rod bearing knock, should I fix it or get rid of the car? I pay $1000 for the car.

    GCT Xbox

    Looks like that spider bit your chest!

    Captain Poly

    AraCANiphobia: Fear of evap cans with eight legs and many eyes….

    "Itsy-bitsy spider went up the evap tube"…….

    Short Quick

    Scotty use glue? What? They have hose clamps why do u have to use glue. Never heard of that.

    Nothin !

    Dam am scared I have a small leak

    Will of WôdanaR

    The more complicated and unneccessary crap they can put into a car, the better for them…

    … and the worse for us customers.

    Because those cars break down more often, sooner and it's more expensive to fix them.

    That's why they do it too. For the $$$$$$$


    Who knew spiders huffed gas

    Dam-Ian P

    Regarding EVAP issues. I chased my tail for a year on one. Finally, I compared the purge valve I replaced with the original one (glad I held on to it). There were slight but notable differences, especially the resistance. Turns out the ebay seller I bought it from was selling Hyundai counterfeits in Hyundai style packaging. Not aftermarket but counterfeits. Seemed to work for some but not on our model. I bought one directly from Hyundai. Problem finally solved. What a pain in the butt.

    heather therealharleyquinn

    + ScottyKilmer please do a video on a 1998 Mercedes Benz were the air conditioner charging line is


    Spiders have left the chat

    Therese Ember

    Thank you for your diamond wisdom, Scotty.

    Mudisuda Raman

    Now we know that even a car can get caught in the spiders web.

    Jack Cook

    Spider huffers huffing gasoline… don't these spiders know it kills brain cells ?

    Robert Westcheese



    You forgot to say, that this spider prefers BMW and Mercedes 😉

    Pyrros Gartzos

    One time a rat got into my cars engine bay and ate the injection wires (i think) and the check engine lights went crazy!!!

    Beba Derci



    Spiders can also cause car accidents if they're hiding in your sun visor!

    Keksi the Labrador

    5:30 Scotty became a Subaru driver.


    2:00 : "Tank pressure senor."
    Si si si si

    You may be right, I may be crazy.

    Here in oz the spiders are too big to fit in valves, the huntsman spiders hide in the door jambs instead and hop in for a ride when you open the door.


    Last time I had the timing belt changed on my Golf GTI, they removed some fuel lines from the evap system to gain better access, got a mile away from the garage and the car started juddering like crazy, there was fuel everywhere. I managed to reattach the hoses properly at the roadside and three years later, they’re still solid. Luckily I had a 20 litre water container from a camping trip still in the boot so I could rinse it away from underneath the bonnet.

    M Piper

    Scotty kilmer – Master mechanic arachnid advisor oh a title. Lol

    Nigel Montezuma

    4:28 And get a 🔨 meter

    Juan Knight

    o come on even bugs will kill me or my car lmfao im done with life

    CRAZY g00se

    Rev up your air compressors


    Hey scotty i have 1999 bmw z3 what are your thoughts on the e36 engines in them and what are their common faults?


    "Hi statefarm..uhhh my car….caught fire…"


    3:32. We still talking about cars here? 😂

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