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Here's Why You Should Change Your Own Engine Oil

Main Here's Why You Should Change Your Own Engine Oil

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    Here’s Why You Should Change Your Own Engine Oil, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Oil change. How to change the engine oil in your car. How to do an …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    I work at a car dealership. We've had to replace engines in two vehicles because a lube tech put the drain plug back incorrectly.

    Cole Lee Aerial

    I've never taken my cars to shops. So i've never had any problems.

    bitchlasagna om my T-shirt

    lmfao plastic timing chain yep had one explode on a 2.4 quad four gm. thank god didnt jump timing so it didnt bend valve but yep asinine


    About 23 yrs ago I knew a guy who worked at lube pros and kept wanting me to come in for an oil change and say he referred me, I think he got like $25 for every person he referred. Against my better judgment, I did go, as I left I got about 200 yards and was waiting at a traffic light and my motor sounded loud all of the sudden so I shut it off. I got out and looked and I see a puddle and a trail of oil from the lube pros building, I also noticed I was missing one key element, the Effing oil plug. So I turned on my hazards and walked over and they told me to drive it back and they would fix it. At this time in my life I was just out of military school where I played football, I weighed approx 230lbs and didn't have an ounce of fat on me. Needless to say, I got loud, then louder and very aggressive, my buddy came out and told those guys to just go push the truck back. They did and added the necessary oil. I contacted the regional manager and we settled on a check for $750 for my troubles.

    Lisa Gibson

    I know two people whom had their oil plug JB welded on by a local company. A different repair shop had used JB weld on my nephews thermostat on his truck. I change my own oil. It's so simple. One time I had a company change my oil and they put the wrong Winter in. Instead of 5w30 they put 10w30.

    Ben J.

    Thank you for your very valuable advice

    Jared Alexander

    I love changing the oil on my 2000 ford ranger 3.0l it take 5w20 and about 4.5 quarts takes 8 min for filter an oil


    Worst car I ever had 1990 Ford Taurus. The transmission had plastic gears in it! Who the heck thought that was a good idea? Bought it used, ran great for a year till the transmission blew up and that cost more than the entire car to fix. Luckily the rebuild had a 2 year warranty so when it blew up again 1 year and 11 months later it was covered except for the hassle of trying to get to work 40 miles away for two weeks without a vehicle.

    Brandon Murray

    Great content. I love what you had to say about the jeep my dad used to work for jeep the liberty was one of the most half asses jeeps they made. It was the worst one that went into production. All the other jeeps we've had weren't too bad.

    Perrito Chihuahua

    Honda odyssey steering wheel vibration at 70-75 mph new brakes new cv joints nee tires new wheels nothing work …😩

    greets with fire

    It's relaxing to spend some alone time in the garage changing your oil as opposed to sitting in an overheated waiting area having to watch Oprah.


    Better do it yourself than WAIT for the mechanic to do it. It takes the same amount of time and you'll save $$$


    Have had plenty of oil changes done in my 26 years of driving never had an issue. It's not rocket science.


    I have recently done oil changes for friends to find out that garages on previous changes did not replace the filter!:(


    Hey scotty I'm having a dilemma I have a 2005 honda accord with the 2.4l it keeps having the p0171 code come up replaced spark plugs, intake hose, spark plugs, lower o2 sensor, PC valve, and both vtec solenoids but every once in a get a code for the ect sensor any input much would be greatly appreciated.

    Bacardi Jr.

    Have a question to anyone. Had a 2003 Suzuki aerio that had bad threads and the oil ran out on me at 80mph. Luckily I was able to limp to a gas station before major damage was done but when I put a new plug on, I tightened it till the bolt stripped so it didn't come off and I had to get the pan dropped.
    I have another car now but should I just torque the drain plug to a spec? I'm a relatively stronger than average but cant afford another issue like this.

    Dan Cook

    Hey Scotty what do you think about a 2014 Lincoln MKZ 3.6 l V6 so far good car at 74,000 now it’s been great my last Lincoln was a 1999 Lincoln I put 383,000 on it

    Ben J

    I began taking mechanic courses to save money and work on my car. Many of the students in the class are dealership employee or chain store workers. The stories that come out of these kids mouth are shocking to say the least. The mechanic forgot to put oil in the car – The mechanic put regular oil in the transmission – The mechanic broke a part and the customer had to pay – the mechanic skip steps and didn't replace parts – the mechanic put steering fluid in the brake reservoir. I'm glad I'm learning to do this myself.


    It’s about $40 to buy the oil and $45 to take it to the dealer and the dealer will check the battery, filters, and other stuff so it’s not worth it for me to do it


    very true Scotty '' Change Your Own Engine Oil '' .

    i have seen jiffy lube screw people and take the money , plus claim they done the service [ if there was one ] when they have not.
    then later on , the engine blows , and you are left with a '' walking option '' . and that i can tell you, is not fun.

    excellent humor !

    awesome video !!

    1000 thumbs up !!


    Cool. I like this new series. Keep it up.


    Scared straight now. Bought a 2007 audi a4. No check engine lights no shaking. 2 years later shaking and check engine always on. Maybe i been cheated on oil changes from 5 minute places. I will do it myself. Trust no one. Thanks

    How to and DIY channel

    My dad has a gmc senoma he replaced basically the entire truck brakes radiator head gasket X2 and a whole bunch of other stuff and when the clutch finally gave out he sold the stupid thing.

    Doodon Schtookie

    Hey Scotty, ive been saving up for a brand new car: what are your thought on a brand new Nissan 370z NISMO edition with a standard transmission, or a Lexus 350is(?) Auto transmission?
    Please discuss




    I've never had a bad car 04 dodge neon, 1997 explorer, 08 malibu, 2003 e500, 2012 mazda 3, 2009 silverado 1500, 2015 passat…never needed a major repair and some of those cars are supposed to be crap.

    Patrick Murphy

    Why people are still buying FORD? We all know what F.O.R.D. stands for.

    Dana Jorgensen

    A local lube chain, a nationwide lube chain, 4 local mechanics, not a single one of them seems to employ a single person capable of properly placing the oil pan drain plug after draining the fluid for an oil change. If you still get your oil changed at the dealership or a mechanic, make a point of not going anywhere until the next day and roll your car back in the driveway to check for evidence of leaks. And if there is a leak, go back and get them to fix their mistake.


    I have a horror story for you… My 14 Mustang GT went through 3 transmissions because of a shift fork failure but I was helped everytime so that was nice. The third and current trans I have, while the dealership had the trans I bought a short throw shifter by a gun company called MGW. No more issues with the shift fork…

    Abdul Rehman Khan Sherwani

    Scotty I had question about catalytic converters and resonators.

    Maybe if my friends recommended me to completely remove the catalytic converter and resonators because we don’t have a pollution code where I live.

    Better gas
    More power
    More sound

    I’m not sure about the cons, only thing I could come up with was messing up the original “flow” of the car, or not keep it the it was supposed to be.

    Please let me know if you would recommend this, why or why not.

    Thank you!!!

    Anthony Joe

    This is some of the best advice I have heard from Scotty. I've also had bad oil change experiences. They did something to MY drain plug which I think is intentional, and now it ALWAYS drips oil. They also told me the car needed a new oil pan (for which they wanted $700!). It only leaks from around the drain plug and THEY are the only people who had worked on it in years. Not only that I doubt the oil they were using was any good and the filters they used were the cheapest junk. Thankfully they are out of business at least in this area. I won't say who THEY are but it just SEARS my butt that I have to keep adding about a quart of oil every 3000 mi and looking at spots on the driveway.

    L W

    Watch Wal-Mart changed my oil, in my 4 cylinder put in 5 qts. Now I change my own oil.

    Johnny Knapp

    I have a 2014 Toyota Tc with a 2AR-fe motor.. almost 90,000 miles, I change my own oil, and oil filter every 3,500 to 4,000 miles, Averaging 34.6 MPG.. K&N
    Oli filter, and Mobil 1 full synthetic, and it cost me around 35 bucks, Walmart's is my best friend…

    Tom Losh

    I changed my own oil for over half a century, I know how to do it, but after a certain point, me trying to change my own oil will generate a call to emergency services. So, for those of us WHO CANNOT CHANGE OUR OWN OIL, what do you suggest, Scotty?

    Toguro 100%

    Been using full synthetic oil, 10K filter change at 3500 miles, change filter twice w/ amsoil syn stabilizer, 3rd then new oil about every 10-11 K miles.
    Now my 2010 Mazda 6 has 230K runs super sweet.
    Thanks, Scotty, for the great advice last few years.
    I drive Uber in Chicago, going for 500K miles before car is too old for Uber/Lyft in 5 years.

    Jim Morrison

    Scotty, worst cars I’ve ever had: Daewoo Lanos, Chevy Malibu (93 or 94), and the current 2013 Chevy Cruze. I blame the Cruze on my wife. The Cruze has had almost everything replaced under the hood.

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