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Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap Old Rolls-Royce/Bentley

Main Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap Old Rolls-Royce/Bentley

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    turbine graphics 16

    That dipshit wants to put an ls1 in it and do burnouts, real original bro.


    I have heard the turbo caused a lot of heating problems..?

    Andrew moffatt

    I were born in 1979 and for once I feel in better condition than that roller lmao

    END TIMEs Video Library

    Love the outfit Hoovie!! You could teach the Royals a thing or two about real class!

    munene mathenge

    I saw the Rolls and I haven't stopped laughing since.

    Aaron Keener

    I wish I had the wealth to get away with dressing like a window licker.

    Archy Grey

    Bring in my $1000 1986 560sel Merc and you will have the perfect trio

    sdfa asf

    Because you are idiots – that’s why! First you got broken car in idiots like you, than you filmed why that car is a ch-t? All car ii it used a idiots broken an can’t be repaired

    Tom Frazier

    There are a few beat up RRs out here in Waianae. They look inoperable. When I lived in Ewa for 12 years there was an MPW coupe c1967 across the street.


    My subwoofer is making the weirdest sound i've ever heard during the part of the video where you drive the Rolls.

    Vitárius László

    Hoovie is a skinny dude whit double chin, I'm not fat either and I have a worse double chin


    You actually passed a real unicorn in this day and age, a blue Dodge Intrepid.

    Michael Busfan

    Bentley Turbo R climate control squeal will be the recirculation motor, when you turn it off it turns on recirc, when you turn it on recirc comes off.. The motor isn't stopping running (maybe there is a microswitch inside to stop it and thus its squealing, probably chewing up gears inside.. Not good!) my Grandad has a turbo R, it makes lots of noises climate control too (we had a different squeal, loose belt.. When you turned it off and then onto economy, it would run the compressor for about 10 seconds… Then realise its in economy mode and then turn the compressor off😂) , but it also has the 4 speed GM gearbox which is a lot better in my opinion.

    That rolls is horrible, granted its funny for a while but seriously that car is running terribly lean, put a good fuel pump on it, the engine is probably knocking to hell putting loads of wear on it not good… Also it is very dangerous 😂.
    My Grandad also has a 59 Bentley S2 has vapur lock issues and behaves in a very similar way to that rolls, and yes when it is going fine its floored as we need to build up momentum incase it stops again😂

    Nothing more fun than the joys of these old Bentleys / Rolls😂

    Sodham G’morris

    I think it's adorable…most see a basket case, but all I can see is potential!


    Looks like a rat rod RR with the patina and the steelys. 😉

    L0rd Logan

    "But older cars are better" a lot of people say, clearly they are, look at how well this rolls royce runs


    the original stop-go system o.O

    Scott Ehrlich

    I saw that for sale in Leon Ks and thought JR would resurrect it. Lol. Never a dull video.


    Check there is oil in the SU carbs, it will run terrible if they are dry.

    Michael Broski

    I would lower this RR with widened black steelies

    Carlos Delossantos

    Love seeing watchjrgo on the channel i actually just finished watching his video lmao

    Eric Buck

    I am actually more amazed that it is 2020 and Tyler actually passed a running and driving 1994 dodge intrepid at 1 minute into the film lol

    President Mermaidman

    well then.

    Peter Alan Clark

    41 years old and still proceeding kind off with a tiny fuel pump,vacuum lines leaking and rotten fuel pipe leaks.

    Christopher Collins

    I gotta get me a pair of those pajama pants.

    Darren Byrne

    Wizard fix it help save it for shit sake


    I love that older style.

    Marc Losier

    Maybe spring for a paint detailing….the finish on that thing looks like a 2003 Dodge Caravan that Mom uses to take the kids to soccer.. blehhh….yeah…nice ascot (read GAYYYY)

    Charles Bunnell

    You said “Rolls-Royce had nothing to do with the development of the Engine in the RR in the video” but at the time the two companies where owned by the same company so I would doubt this in a strict sense. Now I don’t know how engine development went on at the time at RR and Bentley, but even if there was a separate R&D/engineering facility for each and RR decide to cut costs by simply using a Bentley developed engine rather then developed their own, I doubt you can say they had absolutely nothing to do with the development as it’s very likely engineers from both brands inflicted each other with regard to the engines and other parts used in the two car brands, given that RR owned the Bentley brand at the time. It very likely that RR didn’t put a lot of input in the Bentley developed engine they used and just decide to use it because it was cheaper then coming up with their own (Bentley was going through bankruptcy in 1978 when the RR in the vid was being developed).

    Grand Man

    I can smell the oil from here in Perth Australia what a waste of god money being thrown away😂😂😂😂😂

    Curt Foster

    Tyler, tell your buddy to “get a horse!!” I never dreamed that I would classify ANY Rolls Royce as a pineapple 🍍! (Pineapple is my word for a hooptie). But, I will make an exception in the case of this one.

    Jakob W

    He should have been PAID $1400 to take the Rolls!

    Rob Benjamin

    Please take this to a rolls dealer and ask to see a new one

    Charles Bunnell

    Just for anyone confused as to why the two cars share certain features like the unleaded fuel only warning behind the fuel cap door and the radio antenna, when they are separate companies, here is the reason. Back when these cars where made, Rolls-Royce owned the Bentley brand, having acquired it in 1931. It was only in the late 90s that when the luxury cards deviision of the Rolls-Royce company was put on sale that RR went to BMW while Bentley went to VW (there is also a now separate Rolls-Royce airplane engine company). There is an interesting fact about the way the sale went down, that led both BMW and VW to be caught in a bind where neither could make the luxury cars they bough the brands to make. You see, back in the late 70’s the original RR/Bentley company went bankrupt, the British government stepped in to bail out the company as they were the manufacturer of military airplane parts. They UK government then sold the factories producing RR’s and Bentleys cars to a private investor, licensing the Rolls-Royce & Bentley names, logos, etc. In 1998 the Rolls-Royce brand was licensed to BMW, but not the factory making RR and Bentley cars, which was sold to VW (who did not have the licensing rights to the Bentley name or logo). This created a weird situation where BMW could make a car and name it a Rolls-Royce or Bentley but not the cars currently forming the line-up for the two brands while VW could make the cars but couldn’t legally call them Roll-Royce or Bentley cars or use the then current model names. Shortly afterwards, MMW and VW made a deal in which BMW would gain full rights to make RR cars while VW would gain rights to use it’s newly acquired Bentley factory to make Bentleys (it didn’t really care about making RR’s) with rights to the Bentley brand name, car model names, logos, etc. They are now formally separate companies once again, as they were pre-1931.

    Another interesting fact, Rolls-Royce was traditionally said to be the type of luxury cars your chauffeur would drive you around in while Bentley’s are the car you drive yourself around In. This is why the Bentley cars got better engines with more power while the Rolls-Royce’s were built more around the notion of better comfort at slower speeds.

    Sunil Anthony

    The PANTs , for crying out loud!

    Charles Bunnell

    That Rolls-Royce: Silver Wraith should really be renamed Rolls-Rust: Silver Wrath.

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