Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap Used Mercedes

Main Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap Used Mercedes

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    Koen Jonker

    you look like a dictator in that thing


    Not too much diagnostics there just throw new parts at it and hope misfire goes away. Honestly go see an experienced Mercedes mechanic who knows these cars. As others have said misfire is probably just a blocked fuel filter so start there. Same goes for the transmission. Try a service first before a rebuild. And the diff for fucks sake check the fluid level!
    Also you deserve to be ripped off given you are too lazy to do some basic research and jack it up with stands and basic checks yourself.


    Why did American Benz’s (and Volvo’s for that matter) of that era have different hideous headlights that replace the single units, by the appearance of separated ones?


    Keep it!


    as for the gearbox would a filter and oil flush make it happy

    Max Rockatanksy

    Hoovie : i got a new project.

    Car Wizard : All bank, baby! (Wizard is still looking for his Monopoly Man Top Hat & Monacle)

    Ray Tran

    I bought a $1000 W124 mercedes. There was a lot wrong with it but I fixed it all myself for a couple of grand and it drove like new. These things can be repaired.

    Walter Strahota

    It’s obviously a poorly maintained example. I would pay up for a nice one with records that has been shown some love.

    Darren Brittain

    if you think the merc is worth $20,000 or maybe $25,000, spending $6,500 is surely a no brainer, no?

    Joey van de laan

    this car is a legend . great investment ! keep the car ! in europe 30 /40 thousend euro car theset day's

    Mark Cresswell

    The Wizard sure likes to take down your trousers and give you a good spanking!


    Nothing against the video itself but that's one cringeworthy title. You said almost nothing of substance that backs up the claim in the title. The fact that you got unlucky, does not mean that no one should NEVER EVER buy any model of a cheap used mercedes. Probably not a good idea to take the guy's judgement as trustworthy. 🙂

    Levi Hutchison

    "Biodegradable wiring harnesses"

    Thats the most German thing ever. Not enough electrical issues already? Lets design the wires to literally fall apart!


    Def the end of Warburg

    Andrei Anghel

    do it man!
    it's an appreciating car, one of your few, you'll be less than 18 grand into it, and the values keep shooting up, you'll be basically fueling it and maintaining it for free!

    alexander thurin

    Do it!


    Oh ohh… Wizard is a Spyderco boy!!

    André Gonçalves

    That whine in the rear end may be just the diff fluid that needs a flush

    Ayixlia Merrets

    I found a white/grey AMG version for 1500$ in better shape.


    A Mercedes is a Mercedes….. the old one for sure….. don't say a Toyota is the same.. that's simply Not true…


    Just the wheels make this car look 70% better!!! I'd buy it from You, but I have no idea whatsoever how much it costs to ship it to Poland…


    The new wheels look so much better, but if they are the Chinese copies from The Tire Rack, I hope you have better luck with the quality than I did. 3 of the 6 I bought were not true.

    Corey Hutson

    Please keep the wheels. Suits the cars perfectly.

    Selaudin Agolli

    Man what wheele are those, u blow the chance to put the classic monoblock wheels


    get rid of it.

    Ian Wilson

    Remove that under bonnet sound proofing, $1

    Michael Harrison

    I think save it Hoovie
    It’s a relatively rare car

    Ewan McMaster

    You should buy a old Saab

    Will Howard

    Why doesn't wizard have employees? A way faster turn around of hoovies cars = more videos 🙂


    Your title is misleading should be "… never buy a cheap used mercedes 500E"
    Because the old mercedes with smaller engines are very reliable


    Hoover in two videos:

    Video 1: "I've always wanted one of these cars!

    Video 2: "Today I'm selling it!"


    10/10 cars at the Wizard belong to Hoovie


    Change the transmission oil and filter will make a lot of difference this car has a lot of small minor faults which you have to find and fix


    JESUS!!! my ears did not expect that intro


    Save it fix it up.

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