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Here’s Why Your Car is Making You Sick

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    Here’s Why Your Car is Making You Sick, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Sick car. Are cars designed to make you sick? How to stop …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Raian Ansari

    But Scotty Changed a bit. He used to say every engine need to be warmed up for few minutes even though the dealers say no. He further said about one of his car which he warms up and haven't had any issues.

    Jason Braun

    Being a soldier that spent 8 years in the army. We could TRY to start a HMMWV, but we would need a mechanic to fix something every dang time.

    Jason Braun

    Love your channel Scotty! Losing sleep cause I can't stop watching!


    1:10 Not true, my car doesn't run the same cold as it does when the engine is warm, that's not a question, it is fact, and my car isn't from the 1940s but the late '90s. It is also a known fact that oil flows better under hot weather and thickens under cold temperatures. Cold weather can cause motor oil to flow either too slowly, or not at all, damaging the cylinder walls and losing power. And that can take a toll on your engine. That’s why allowing the engine to warm up a little before accelerating is still ideal.

    bill nicholson

    i thought it was always that old vinyl smell that old cars have. i always got sick in my mothers '68 ford station wagon when i was a kid…it was the vinyl smell that got me hurling


    Scotty I just hotboxed my car and I have to go pick up my grandma in 30 min what should I do?

    Anthony Bush

    I like they way my ac smells when it comes on. That musty old car smell right before it gets cold. And the heated during the winter has that warm cozy smell to it. I like it

    Carl Sims

    😎 good job 👍 always Scotty


    Scotty, you really help people out. A lot.

    Just this short message to let you know that we all appreciate not just your sound advice, but also the time you spend editing the videos in such a funny way.

    Shannon Spoto

    What do you think about the Suzuki Grand Vitara ex?

    Fernando Coelho

    Hahahah Scotty is hilarious 🤣

    Jake Burchfield

    The cabin air filter?

    Danna Morse

    First visit and definately subbing! I'm a girl that likes to learn and laugh.

    Platypus Alex

    Hey Scotty big fan of the channel! I'm planning on getting a used 2006-8 lexus is250 for university. I'm planning on getting a manual transmission and I've found a few cars around 100k miles. Do you think this is a good car an is there anything I should look out for?

    Robert B

    You do want to warm your car up a bit before you slam the gas. Also better for your cat. As far as the smell, don't leave the car sitting on circulate setting. Turn it to vent to let it air out.

    Edward Thayer

    It's called change you Cabi Air Filter twice a year! Spring and Fall!🤦‍♂️

    Stephan Dolby

    1:06 How on earth did somebody park that 206 like that? 😛

    zack evil

    I thought this one is YTP then I realize is it a normal video


    Hey Scotty, why is coolant leaking under the dash when heater is turned on?

    Jacob Garcia

    Scotty. I'm driving a Toyota Tacoma 2011 with 295500 miles. It's not my car. But I just checked the car under the hood and see that the A.C compressor stop and then start running again. It just stops for 1 or 2 seconds and runs for the 5 seconds. It's in a loop. The temperature inside the car is cold. But is it normal for the a.c compressor stops and then starts running again?


    Did he mention the A/C filter replacement? No?

    Ernesto Sarabia

    Hey Scotty Im thinking about buying a used truck or Jeep for off roading is there anything I should be looking for?

    R B

    Scotty what do you think of penzoil platinum plus full synthetic oil??????

    Rock-i Mac

    Your running out if things to talk bout freshly. Reboots. Hurry talk about future self driving cars that will reduce accidents and crimes. And new street sensors that will be required.


    I think most people warm the car up for heat in the winter. I’ve got a neighbor with an old mid 50s Chevy (beautiful car) and he sits in the car and warms it up every time he starts it, shorter in the summer, longer in early spring and the fall, and the car goes away for the winter. As long as the catalytic converters has warmed up in a modern car, which has only ever taken under a minute even in 0 degree F type temps, you don’t have to worry


    Your home is exactly what I expect a mechanics home would look like lol

    Kevin Ellis

    It would be great to meet you!👌

    Mike Kelly

    Change the cabin air filter located behind the glove box.

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