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Hertz is Going Bankrupt and You Can Get a Car for Almost Nothing

Main Hertz is Going Bankrupt and You Can Get a Car for Almost Nothing

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    Hertz is Going Bankrupt and You Can Get a Car for Almost Nothing, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Buying a car from a rental car company. How to buy a …

    Scotty Kilmer

    Buying an Old Mustang and Fixing It Up:

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    Marc Milton-Talbot

    If you owe $10,000 to the bank,you have a problem.If you owe $10 million to the bank,the bank has a problem.


    Hertz info ends around 3:00

    Larry David

    Take em to Italy whine em and dine em 😁

    David Robitaille

    Did you do a line of coke before you answered the last question?


    Car rental companies don't even post rental rates anymore. Maybe they will all go bankrupt.


    Everybody knows what people do with rental cars. Even if you floor it all day they don't care so long as they come back without a scratch

    No thanks to buying a rental car

    leeroy excavator

    I have not seen u do a review on a Hyundai Santa Fe about 2017 model. What do u think? Not a fan of Honda CR-V or RAV4 looks.


    Lot of 90 year olds will be ecstatic those Morgans are coming to America!!

    Harrison Hays

    Lmao he said media likes making up stuff and puts a CNN logo on the screen

    LaCedric Gipson

    Scotty would you rather buy a navigator or explorer

    LaCedric Gipson

    Scotty I have a 1992 Volvo 940 just replaced head gasket all the belts radiator hoses and fuel pump. Should I keep it or sell it. Only has 143k miles. Didn’t have to pay labor cause a friend is fixing everything.

    Mr Danforth 374

    Bankruptcy never meant a company had to go out of business. It meant the company was put into the hands of a receiver who had to determine whether to wind up the company, sell off the assets and distribute the money, or reorganize and keep the company in business. If they had a viable business but got into a jam financially it was often better to reorganize and keep them in business, better for the employees, the customers, and in the long run the creditors who ended up getting more money back than if they busted the company.

    Brian Weir

    That person who thought FCA cars were more reliable than Toyotas really needs to give up their crack habit. That person is obviously hallucinating.

    Mike Scott

    Automotive YouTubers have been saying this for 3 or 4 months now, and still prices haven't moved downward. Someday, I guess?

    Chauncey Scott

    I worked for a rental car company for 2 yrs. I'd never buy a former rental.

    Larry Dolkins

    Scotty boy cars are bringing 2000 over book I don’t think your getting a car cheap right now.scotty boy


    Nothing structural in new Morgan’s now.

    Jeri Lynn

    Worst company I ever dealt with in 60 years. Just awful corporate culture with super expensive rental cars.

    matthewinaz D

    CNN logo love it!!

    Dennis Mitchell

    Hey Scotty do you know where I can find a good used engine with low miles for a 2012 Chevy Cruze 1.8 engine?


    Q: What is best off-road vehicle…Jeep or Rental Cars. A: Rental Cars. They go everywhere.

    Jim Tomlinson

    My Morgan has termites!!

    Mike P.

    Chrysler 300 > Toyota Camry


    Scotty Kilmer has spoken!

    Garfield Smith

    Bankruptcy means the employees get screwed, the suppliers get screwed, the minor equity holders get screwed; and the executives still get paid, get bonuses, and they sucker other investors to give them bail out money. Repeat as often as neccessary.

    Randy Hernandez

    What cars would you look for, if u wanted mannual or something sporty for first car. Age someone who just graduated college.

    Muhammad Mansour

    Hi Scotty, out of topic, I have 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo and the exhaust blowing dense white smoke all the time, my mechanic could not conclude if it is the Turbo or the head gasket, no idea what to do without your advice!

    Keep Your Day Job

    Scotty where is your car repair business I would like to have you personally work on my vehicle. But the catch is I would like you to sign it’s glove box. Would you be willing to work on my 2017 Toyota Tundra? I have had it to 2 transmission shops and they both told me it was bad and they want around $4,800 dollars plus labor of $1,700 to repair it. It seems to shift just fine but it is slow to go into reverse. I checked the transmission fluid and it shows full. It has roughly 42,000 miles on it. Please help me I also live in Texas near Dallas but I would have it trailered to you place. Thank You so much I need your help.


    Last video" why your stupid to buy a car right now" oh Scotty!

    Todd m

    Speaking of tires, my buddy has a new chevy Silverado, idk exactly what trim but its one that looks lifted but its stock.

    Anyway maybe 2 years old n hes on a second set of tires with maybe 15k on it cause his tires wore out so badly.

    Anyway, u wont read this but great video scotty. Brightens my day man.


    Does Hertz have Toyotas?

    Stephanie Mele

    Hi Scotty, been watching this channel for a while now..thanks to your great advise, I even bought a 2020 toyota corolla le 1.8 l. Want to change the rear view mirror to a Home link with compass. Can't find out if it's a 10 pin or 12 pin, toyota company is not being too helpful…do you know which one it is?

    Edwin I.T.

    Anybody know when the HERTZ prices actually gonna drop ??

    David Guardian of the mud bog

    I looked up camaros and mustangs on the hertz site.
    They want top dollar, those were rode hard and put away wet.
    They made there money, probably paid off in 2 years.

    lee shafer

    Can you imagine the free trips Scotty could be taking? yet-he chooses to be ethical and stay here with us! and earns plenty through hard work!( send Biden one of those "you can't fix stupid" shirts)

    Dario Chavez

    I'm with you Scotty, Hertz has ripped me off a couple times. I'd be fibbing it I said I wasn't happy the company is going bankrupt!

    Nell Nell

    FUN FACT!! Scotty lives in a predominantly black neighborhood. 😲

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