Monday, March 27, 2023

He’s Building his CAMARO to BEAT my 2018 MUSTANG GT!

Main He’s Building his CAMARO to BEAT my 2018 MUSTANG GT!

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    Man I enjoy watching your videos I can't believe I been subscribed to you secen 2012 wow the years go by fast.great videos man


    Full built Camaro takes on stock mustang GT with a tune ? … Sounds fair.

    Ancient Ruins Official

    Awesome vid. It's all about the color changing Mamba😈… finally we got a longer video.😝😝😝🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👌👍

    17MGTP D



    i got confidence your gonna win bro,stang for the win yay #Stang4Life

    Ricky Rick

    Cool group of car guys. Stangmode, I think NA to NA, you still have the upper hand.

    Ultimate M

    Interesting video.

    CZ S550

    That gta in the corner though

    Kareem Kirton

    We shall see once it's finished with the rebuild who will take the crown.

    miles Hiles

    It is really all about cars. With out competition it wouldn't be fun.

    Dave at EFX

    Just stopping in to say hi. Thanks for the shout out!

    Raul P

    DAYUM .. Zander 13, stangmode and motorfire all new videos within was a good day.

    Don zeropoopsgiven

    Well done Stangmode!! We learn a lot while hanging out with the other side. Lol.
    This is a drag race not a roll race. Driver really matters and Stangmode can flat out drive. We’ve all seen him beat cars he shouldn’t have. To many people on the comments are quick to say Camaro while looking at the builds without considering the drivers. I’m obviously a Camaro or GM guy but it’s hard to bet against Stangmode.

    VanGo 1925

    trying to get my channel started and would love some support

    Alex Alex
    trooper_ 5.0

    Get a PD blower . Whipple, / Edelbrock Eforce. And then you will 60' better.

    Tony M

    When he pulled the hood up you should have yelled HAHA ya Fred Flinstone bitch!



    Verny Mora

    Every one looks for it’s own medicine 😂😂😂😂

    GSHeverything _27

    MotorFire 🔥🔥 🔥👌👊

    Cobra Black

    Stangmode your 60'ft SUCKS. My old 93 Foxbody Mustang done a 1.55 60ft showroom factory stock with 26×10" Hoosier QuickTime pro tire.


    red single turbo camaro is mine! Texas speed 376 with darton resleeve, tsp rods and wiseco pistons. Arp Head studs, custom grind cam. Shooting for 1000 wheel I’ll be starting up my youtube once I get it back. Sweet ride brotha thanks for the love

    Had to undust my old youtube to comment on this lmao


    Even if he beats you he looses because hes a Chevy Guy lol 🔴🇺🇸🔧👍

    Rob K.

    Two my of favorite YouTubers gonna go at it, good luck Stangmode you're gonna need it, brother.

    Doug FA

    It never ends.

    Dani Ruiz

    He needs to grow a beard like yours to add more horse power to his car


    I’ve always said it takes a built motor boosted maro to beat a stock block boosted coyote. Just add a vmp stage 3 or TT setup and give him a run for his money on his built motor.

    cuda 40

    Stangmode you should put a VMP supercharger in your GT.

    Gray Ghost

    You need a converter to make it an even race. Circle D is doing 3800 stall converters now. That's good for a NA car. May be good for a centri blower. Call Circle D ask questions and get your answers from the best. I see a Camaro gaped by the Black Mamba in your future.


    Speed is just a matter of money…

    Jim D

    Chevy guy here with a Thumbs up. Nice vid man.


    The LS is an excellent engine in my humble opinion, so is the Coyote, but like every engine design you find the weak spots when adding power to it. This should be a good race!

    Bradley Pfeffer

    You're not in the Lion's Den you have the junkyard…

    Scott Elliott

    Where’s his mullet?

    Formula1 Fan

    Stang I think the Mamba needs a big upgrade, you know I love the Mamba but without some sprinkled magic or a bolt on Blower like the VMP Gen 3 that itsjusta6 had fitted I think he has the legs on you.


    Its funny because the Camaro was created for the sole purpose of competing with the mustang.


    that dude is already replacing the motor on his camaro? lol what happened to it?

    Hi i’m a greaser

    Why does Matt hardy want to race

    J Me

    My kid just bought a 2019 Camaro and that car gets it. I think it’s faster then my 18 mustang gt. We will find out next week at Orlando speed world. I’m thinking of selling my 18gt for a used Nissan GTR .

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