Tuesday, March 21, 2023



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    GET THE MOVIE HERE!! Today is a nice chill day boosting around in a turbo Miata nothings more fun then that! On a real note I’m …

    Michael Jordan

    Always check the base timing BEFORE tuning AFR. Detonation isn't your friend…

    Omar Jimenez

    Trump hat made me unsubscribe

    Exclusive Pxtch

    Who remembers the 20hp “Miata from hell” 😭🤦🏽‍♂️ history

    Connor K

    its afterfire not backfire, backfire is when you get detonation up back through the intake and fuck shit up


    alex said he misses you

    Zack Barber

    Go to Jimmy oakes for a tune geez

    Yung CautionX

    Tell Anton to get a Bov it’ll make his miata sound better

    Milton Gimenez


    Kyle Smith

    MM manor now is just him behind his trailer it's a complete joke it's all hyped up.

    D_drepair16@yahoo.com Chopper1995

    Courtney thick thick 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Ryan Hodgkin

    This makes me want to get a turbo miata so badly, antons looks sick as fuck

    Vincent Videos

    that ending was fucked lol

    Chaz Gunther

    Purchased the movie and I am already anticipating part 2!

    Pete Quinones

    Courtney so wants a lil Ruddy! You think you're broke now, wait till you have to buy diapers with a U-Haul truck. Prepare to liquidate a few Miatas to pay for it all.

    mega catares

    The driver should wear a seat belt


    Anton's putting in work! Keep it up buddy! Do you mind if I shamelessly plug my channel?

    Travis S

    It’s not a “haunted house”.. it’s a fucking torture chamber.. & if you don’t realize… lol The actual disclaimer is so great.😂

    Dylan Field

    Get that dude of the computer this is the first time I've heard him say check the base timing????

    Dylan Field

    Truth be told he's not a tuner who didn't know that

    Dylan Field

    Always pushing other people's stuff with no fucks given what a guy

    Billy Merritt

    If you think these videos are funny, try turning on the captions. It turns the entire video into a Rudnickism 😂


    That chick in the blue is thicc af and I need that shit in my life 😂😂

    Sean O’Malley

    Tighten up the gap on the plugs

    Codey Winters

    I just finished the movie lol poor rodknock and his damn luck


    Anyone copied that movie yet lolol

    Stanton McGehee

    I bought your movie!

    Alexis Garcia

    U passed my house bro

    Joey Ries

    Twisted Tea Girl! Lol. Love it

    Joey Ries

    Anton is My northern Brother from another Mother! Lol.

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