Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Homemade Shifter Kart Return!

Main Homemade Shifter Kart Return!

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    We’re reviving our homemade Lifan 200cc 5 speed shifter kart! We built this in 2018 and did 74MPH flat out with it. Not bad for 16 horsepower! This go kart is SO …


    I love it how you have a huge property and just face and cross through the grass. Is that what being an adult is like? Looks like you are living the life!

    Erik brill

    U guys should make a go cart trailer that someone can sit in

    jay Perkins

    Now that's what I'm talking about. That's badass guys . Great job 👍

    Local Youtube Boys

    Are you willing to sell the rat rod?

    Noah Wynn

    Be cooler if you ran it at south everetts speedway

    Michael Patrick

    What happend to the drag mini bike

    Cayce Willis

    I want to see the Dragster pls

    mario dipippo

    Should have made the thumbnail isac drifting with the chicken in the shot great video

    Finn Green


    Joseph French

    You guys should find an old roller coaster car and turn it into a go kart. That would be sick

    Justin Dean

    Where did you get the transmission that's on the cart ?

    Joseph Barbara

    For Christ's sake put some header wrap on that header

    Dan Bonacum


    Abraham Ball

    Find a fox carbide and by it

    Don’t fling your dookie at me

    22mm? Wtf?thats small even for a 125.

    BLASTER Films

    Build a jet car

    Rich B.

    That thing is badass! The shifter is trash though, a paddle shift would be epic on that cart.

    Alexanator contis

    Keep the shifter

    Вадим Фишков

    Это дибилы!!! Карт не для езды по копаному.Дигинираты для.Им нельзя размножаться.

    Tony Montana

    i remember reading that you only need the clutch to move off in 1st and after that you dont need it, but the only thing you need to do is release the throttle to shift and thats it.


    Why Everytime they get these back out they have to replace the battery, like seriously. They are repping gopowersprts stuff and this is not a good way to show quality. A battery should last and work longer than 3 months

    Jose Saldana Jr

    3 years ago you had a Streaker go kart can I have it I have one can I have two?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You need to build a short heat shield that runs up the side of the seat and hugs the head and fins so you don't need to continuously cock your arm up to avoid burning your arm on head after you replace shifter with paddles of course
    Doing so will allow you to steer far better and faster.

    Farm Living

    Subscribe to me I do the same stuff as these awesome guys and post daily


    You dudes need to make a ghost buster themed go kart

    Trae Drose

    Scary fast! Looks fun!

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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