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Honda CB550 Will it Start? Cross Kart Pt. 3

Main Honda CB550 Will it Start? Cross Kart Pt. 3

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    For our new cross kart or all terrain racing go kart build, we chose the Honda CB550 engine because they’re abundant, make a decent amount of horsepower …

    jason white

    Just needs more weight on the front of the 4 wheeler


    I don't think it matters what engine, as long you stick with the same style sure you can find one that's running.
    Go down to local bike shop and ask, cause they will typically know someone to put you onto.


    There's a few engines/parts bikes on craigslist in NC you might be interested in.. between $500 and 1500

    Colt Burns

    I've spent alot of time working on those old hondas, 350-550-750. becareful with the ignition points cam, it can be rotated 180 and cause ignition timing problems. right now, carbs are the biggest issue. I'm sure ya'll will get it going.

    Isaak Francis

    you should drive the ducarti more. I miss that thing

    papa bits

    Will it start ? It’s a Honda it will never die

    Marc Wolfe

    If the seals are good and floats are good, just clean that shit out….. it'll be fine. Not being sarcastic or a smart ass.

    Jason Tworek

    Isaac don't you have of the same bike maybe a frankstine engine from the other 4… just a thought

    Danny Marrel

    I like the 2×8 seat on your wheeler.

    modified unlimited

    Yep time to find a new motor LOL. I would say a newer crotch rocket motor 600 or 500cc class and they are always cheap to find

    Alfred Domingo

    I really wish you guys had done this like 3 months back. We sold a cb750 for 300.00 which ran. Because a customer refused to pay and pick up his bike after repair for almost a year. Was a 1979 cb750. Geezzz. Would of been sweet to see it in this project. The bike looked like a turd but ran great.. Lol

    Steve Roach

    Go with a 1 1/2 axle or it will twist ,just like dukarti,speaking from experience, too much torque

    Ripper Squad

    8:40 you guys got a meth farm

    Capt Clapton

    go for a smaller motorcycle engine similar to the honda motor you've got, maybe? why not choose a dirt-bike? small motor, good power, low on price Most of the time(bigger cc=bigger money out of pocket) ): whatever you guys do "it'll be fine"!


    Them cb sohc engine in all sizes were tough little motors, if it starts it will run fine, put some clutch’s in it, also iv cleaned a many of carbs that the aluminum had powdered up like that, if you clean it a lot of times, the material that’s gone, doesn’t effect it as long as it holds the float and jets will come out it is usable. It’s funny I seen this tonight, was just looking for a CB750 project bike and going to pick one up in the morning lol

    Neil Brewer

    Man you guys need to expirement with aluminum welding. You could fab an intake manifold for it and run a cable throttle body setup. Even just modifying a stock Honda D series(d16y7, most common single ohc engine) aluminum manifold with throttle body. Cable driven. Just an idea. I know you'll figure it out but I think with an Intake manifold setup with one carb or throttle body it'll be a lot better than 4 synced carbs. Better response and more easily tuned. Just a thought but keep it up guys! Been around since widow and will be around as long as you continue to make videos!

    Jeremiha Wilson

    hey!!!! any of those boats for sale??? im in durham nc

    Andrew Workman

    You should make the cart 4wd

    Micah Bauer

    try and run efi on it if you guys got time

    Alex Menendez

    Love what you guys are doing, im super familiar with those bikes, motors, and carbs. Ill be more than happy to dip the whole carb rack in my ultrasonic cleaner (5 gal) and send them back to you guys if you need! Good luck with your build bros!

    Lee Chandler

    I would like I have before get a kettle and boil the carburetors in water and dish soap for an hour or so then spray them saturate them in carb cleaner then boil them again in plain water then carb cleaner then use a piece of wire fish out remaining junk "un twine different gauges of wire until you end up with the desired proper gauge for each hole" then it'll beFine like 🐸 ha!r

    Rob Carter

    I'm not even going to watch. It's a Honda of course it starts


    I think a clutch is $30 on eBay so stop being cheap and get to it.

    Gabriel Utz

    Would y'all consider putting a small engine NOS kit on that 500cc? That would make for some great entertainment!

    matthieu van den eynde

    etc… small displacement 4cyl would be realy sick like the 550 you guys where planning on using


    (O.O) é muito sacrilégio, 3 four jogadas no mato!!!!!

    Iain D

    450 dirtbike engine.

    Gabriel Utz

    Great job, y'all! Keep up the great work!

    Sheldon Kalas

    Woooooow so COOL Atv built.👌👌👌🤘🤘🤘😍🤘🤘🤘😀😀😀


    Regular green coolant and a crock pot should clean most of that up…

    Frankie Spaulding

    Just put a vw motor on it

    K Z

    OwO sounds awesome i cant believe you have yard full of honda 550 out there i would get them back running if i were there
    i have got Y tube reduce to 2 carburetor unset of 4 them still going be same power but lower rpm that all unless you lucky find kits n rebuild all 4 them n clutch required to be new otherwise you destory transmission with broke used clutch i dont trust any use part clutch only newer one more safe then sorry

    Evan Dvorak

    I gotta 1980 cb650 that runs that yall can have just gotta come get it.

    just because I feel like it idiots

    Put a 420 on it

    Roy Forrest

    Never ever ever ever cannibalize one of your other running projects I say find you a different motor out of a wrecked motorcycle of some sort a donor motor if you will and put it on there size-wise I would say probably 350 on up to a 750 would be any any more than that it would be dangerous but just make you something fun the whole idea behind this channel is having fun and giving the people what they want but nobody wants you to get killed so teach people how to make projects and just have fun God bless you guys I hope this may have helped.


    I think you need an ultrasonic cleaner for your carbs. I have one, and it will do amazing things! See Mustie1 on youtube.

    Edward Staples

    Hey CarsandCameras could I have the tailight lens off of the honda


    I have a build idea for y’all I’ve been seeing people put predator engines in small pickups and cars. Ike has a lot of old cars laying around!

    retard imports

    When will you do part 4

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