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Honda Pilot Catastrophic Engine Failure After Timing Belt Replacement

Main Honda Pilot Catastrophic Engine Failure After Timing Belt Replacement

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    Robbie Santos

    Dont listen to these dudes man. Thousands of people buy the same kit you bought you just got unlucky. Sorry brother


    eBay you more and likely got fake parts

    MacDonalds Motorworks

    Dayco actually had a recall on a certain date-range of tensioners they made for exactly this problem; leaking cylinder leading to failure. I actually had one of these tensioners on my 2010 pilot that did the same thing. Fortunately I heard the timing belt banging one of the cam sprocket covers and caught the problem before it got out of hand. My bet is that the tensioner on this pilot failed and the belt got physically caught on the forward cam sprocket and it literally ripped the belt apart. I think that if this were the case, the crank and cam would stop moving because of the jammed belt, which protected the valves. As this IS an interference motor, no stems were bent etc. Lucky for absolute sure!! Those belts are super tough and you sister's timing belt looks totally ripped. There was a lot of force involved in this failure – luckily it was so easily repaired : )

    Corbett Knowles

    Sometimes it better be lucky than good

    Corbett Knowles

    I hope that idler didn't let go when motor was in variable valve timing valves were full extended other wise there going be a big problem u going have impact marks on your Pistons if that happened

    OneLegged hondamechanic

    Always always always replace the timing belt hydraulic tensioner on 02 and up v6 Hondas when doing timing belt and use oem parts

    me toon

    Great Video, Question, was the Hydraulic Tensioner part of the kit? Was it a OEM Honda/Is that the mileage 101k? Seems like respectfully saying, I believe
    I will stick to my Nissan Chain. I am glad it worked out well for you. Truly.

    David Null

    You might be interested in this video from South Main Auto, it isn't pretty.

    Different Honda engine? It ended up costing the woman a wheelbarrow of money to fix it completely, the engine rotated out of timing, bending some valves.

    I wish you good luck with your sister's Honda engine.


    Would not but timing belt on E bay or Amazon.

    Randy Gould

    i here it running sounds noisey . are the valves adjusted ? IF valves are not adjusted to speck just enough clearance to save you your ass . lol


    Glad you lucked out. I avoid buying OEM parts off of Ebay due to the numerous counterfeit parts out there.


    Wow, that was scary Ramon. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


    Try doing 100


    I dont like honda because they are interference engines.

    Tom OConnor

    This is your lucky, lucky day. Had visions of bent valves, twisted con rods and God knows what else. This deserves a celebration night out. Beware of items claiming to be genuine. Seen identical Toyota items on Ebay, one oem and the other pretending to be. I challenge any tech to spot the difference. Everything including numbers and official colours were matching. The only giveaway was very small writing, made in China. For critical parts, such as timing and sensors, use certified parts from above average reputable company or next time there may not be such a happy ending. Learned this lesson from experience.

    John Steele

    You bought a counterfeit. RockAuto has the aisin kit for $170.

    Diagnostic Enthusiast

    so glad no damage occurred. is the tensioner a counter fit part? there are a lot of the Chinese clones on ebay. I have seen it on spark plugs, tpms sensors and oil filters mainly for Toyota and Honda.


    This is 2006-2008 honda pilot not 2005

    LM Auto Repairs

    That day was not the day it meant to be bad…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    gonz garr

    you bought it at e-bay i would have bought it from honda dealer sorry bro feel bad for you i don't trust e bay

    Ross Knittel

    I have given up on Ebay for new parts after I purchased two O2 sensors for a 2001 Lexus RX300. The O2 sensors came in a box that said Toyota and the O2 sensors were labeled Toyota also, but after changing them the error came back. I took it to Toyota cause nI couldn't figure it out. They changed the sensors again and informed me that the Ebay ones were clones.

    Chinese cloners are very good but their clone parts are not.

    Poway Imports

    A shop close by had this happen to them once almost exact same failure as yours. He used a genuine belt. Also there is a huge amount of counterfeit β€œHonda” parts on amazon and eBay lately. I have been using mitsuboshi belts for 10 years with zero comebacks. Pulleys are always koyo and aisian tensioner and pump. Glad you got lucky man.


    My brother works at Honda dealer and breaking a t-belt doesn't always bend valves on interference engine. My Civic snapped at idle and it was fine😁

    juergen scholl

    Thank you for your time and work Ramon.

    I feel glad for you and your sister that it was not a catastrophic enigine failure;-)

    Did you happen to take another RC cacpture after the engine had bee running for a while (thinking in cylinder wash down or something similar…)?

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