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Honda S2000 vs Subaru STi: Regular Car Reviews

Main Honda S2000 vs Subaru STi: Regular Car Reviews

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    WIN this Subaru STI or this Honda S2000 + $5k CASH! ✅ 1st place picks a car + $5k CASH ✅ 2nd place gets the other car + $5k CASH …


    It's funny when you say the S2000 means you spent more, but S2000 prices came down recently, people aren't paying 20k for every beat to shit s2000 that comes along, meanwhile late model ('10+) NC prices are almost ND prices. The S2000 is in a decent number of cases the cheaper car. Same applies to the STI, the prices now are sky-high for any beat-to-shit STI. Not worth it at all.

    Buy the STI if you need to be responsible, kids, g/f who insists on you investing in your 401k, dogs, etc. Buy the S2000 if you want to enjoy every minute of your drive and don't care if you can't hear shit on the highway.

    mansour mansour

    Please do Hummer H1


    Best video since the Dodge Intrepid one.

    Gareth Noble

    Rip Silicone Sally

    Qaz ’03

    Sti: People who think they are faster than you
    S2k: People who think they are better than you
    Miata: people who HAVE better hair than you

    Obi Wan Kenobody

    … this video meant nothing. 😐

    Rob Sorgdrager

    Get the s2000, a LS fits in ere !!!


    honda has no horses at all unless its at the redline lol the sti is actually usable and a fiesta st is faster on tail of the dragon


    if you arent 12 the insurance is more for a sti

    Brandon Sinclair

    Boutta own both, I absolutely love my wrx but damn there was something about driving an s2000 that I can’t get over.

    Zhaorui Wang

    Yo buy a ls400

    Steve Sheehan

    'Should I get a H1 or a R8 for Daily?' LMAO


    But my question was if I should buy a used 90s Camry or a brand new Lamborghini Aventador? It's mostly going to be used for sailing mostly.

    Michael Demetrio

    How about GT350R vs GT-R

    ian yavorski

    S2K needs a turbo, HX35 should do, might have to fabricate a T3 twinscroll manifold for it… then again that may not do much for the "daily" thing

    Matt Hill


    Johnny Nimble

    That was nice. Thanks

    Jc Nopal

    Just turbo a S2k

    Matthew Churchard

    Go for the S2000. The STi has R Kelly on the plate, nobody wants to drive a pedo…

    Daniel Kopaee

    these are my fav two cars fuck i owned a 2009 sti hatch

    Scott Ruggels

    I love this format. I like seeing comparisons.

    Darci Ford

    Deepest car review ever.

    Anthony Stark

    S2000 all the way. As a guy who wants an STI as a daily, get the S2000

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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