Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hondaru 2.0 Hits The Dyno!

Main Hondaru 2.0 Hits The Dyno!

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    Mladen Mladenović
    Odin ōðr

    Like you didn't know that Jack was the 🐐 of the tuners


    Who's the heart breaker. That was AWESOME!!!. Listening to that first dyno pull reminded me of listening to deadmau5 windows error YouTube video. Just keeps going up.


    is that fuckin rudnik? wtf havent seen that dude in years…he had some bucket ass miata with a rising sun hood that banged frame like it literally had no wheels last time i saw his videos…

    does his shop have a shower and is it finished?

    Carbon Ek

    My 2 fav youtubers


    I didn't think it was still AWD, that's awesome
    Makes me want another Subaru so I can throw away the EJ lmao

    Corey Kushman

    Can’t wait to see you boys rip it on the street full pull

    Reece Kutzli

    mustang dynos read around 12%-15% lower than dynojets, so he was making 663hp (12%) and 461tq (12%). Hell yah boosted Boiz! kickin ass (from 592hp and 412tq (last pull))

    R/T Teazeie

    A my tuner look just like your tuner but black lol crazy @hirevtuning.

    Craig Riverman

    Those guys are cool as shit at HP!!

    Jacqueline Gorospe

    Helllllzzzzzz yessssss thatz bad assss yalll full send It thatz how real men get done sonnnnn lol 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✊

    andrewdini panda

    where is the mr2, it needs its fenders cut out for maximum amount of tire

    Jo Blo



    It's 10:30pm tuesday April 23 …


    What is a silenoid?

    Truckrunbum 00

    How are you gonna have a merch link in your description and have NOTHING for sale. Everything is sold out Kyle. Wtf?!?!


    Anymore of that supra at the end? damn Hondaru is moving out! I think I need boost in my life now

    Rusty Wells

    I will bet a thousand dollars to a dollar Brent will have his Dyno up so fast your head will explode when he sees this video! I know Brent he doesn't play when it comes to making horsepower!

    Rusty Wells

    I love the car community on YouTube there's not a nother community better on YouTube not even close!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

    Jeremy Vigil

    Dam the car at the end was sick


    I have hellish problems with the 4 port solinoids.

    op lex

    I wish I didn’t live 700 miles away I pay to have this guys tune my cammed frs these boys here act shocked waaaa an fa20 with cams what is this

    Pyramid King

    Where did Jack get the Yamaha Aerox lmao. Flashback…

    The How-to Guys

    okay this is awesome!!


    I love you BoostedBoiz as much as any other 4+ year subscriber. We've been through allot together… But I have to be honest… That Supra at the end. When I saw it I literally forgot ALL of the first 23 minutes of the video..

    No Clout

    Dudes cool but u can tell he dont tune anything over 300hp hes one of them guys who charge a quick $200 and spend 20 mins tuning ur car. Until the boostedboiz slid thru that bihh. Kyle remember there is only 1 Brent. Let someone uses to maxing out the fuel tune ur car. Hondaru would RIP alot harder on the same exact setup if Brent tuned it

    Rcky MtnJoe

    Legit whip Kyle & Emilio, good on you guys, have a feeling she's gonna rip next level on PFI's all wheel. Stoked for that content 🤘🤘

    Kevin Noon

    Hows your head feeling this day? So hard for me to get drunk at sea level!

    Torey Weaver

    Think the tranny is gonna hold up? "Oh yeah". I guess you guys haven't talked to any high HP STI guys. Lol. That's not a gearbox, it's a glass box.

    Jorge Cabrera

    Those dynos read super low that car is making easy mid 600s


    Big Boost would be jealous. His Bimmer was on that dyno a little while back, and this K made like 100whp more with ease o.0

    Ramon Gomez

    The guy that owns the dyno has a r34

    RPF Garage

    larry XD that little man is your pet?! P.S yall wanna see some s14 shit and mk3 supra shit head over to my channel and take a look.. love the content kyle!!

    Gabriel Paniagua

    10:34 is Kalvin Malli’s 300zx Zupra


    Damn that Supra at the end though…

    Noci Rucinski

    Jack is a goldguy

    Noci Rucinski

    Jack is a goldguy


    oh snap rudnick

    Harvey Bluntman

    Roberto never smiles like that, ya'll did somethin with this one.

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