Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Hondaru 2.0 Is ALIVE!

Main Hondaru 2.0 Is ALIVE!

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    graphic_ twinkie

    That pos Honda is why I started watching if it would of been as clean as the red ek I wouldn’t of started watching you


    Kyle and Emilio it’s admirable to watch you two as friends work so well together. All you guys work well together and the positive vibes are great. Sense of humor around the shop is awesome. 👍🏼😃


    What's the name.of the power probe ?

    Mackel B Lewlis

    doesnt thisoldtony use htp


    Fix buddies speedomter cable for him

    Chris Martinez

    Good work guys been watching you guys awhile true team 👍💪

    Travis Reid

    Clutch housing.

    Jokey Jesus

    I wish I had yall near me because I need a k but no body around does anything with k's

    Christopher Brown

    How much do those Chrome-Molybdenum alloy tubes cost each? Also, what is their ID, OD and Length?

    Alexis Fuentes

    When the truck started fittings started coming off. Lol

    Noah Seeburger

    K Olay

    Austin Clay

    I’m so excited to see this car put together

    All Those Clips

    Itll make more then enough power, should sacrifice a couple of them for unequal headers and sti sound 😛

    Derek g

    Quesyipm i just got a 99 civic coupr and i have a fox body 5.0 motor will it fit in the civic lol

    stu booth

    Fantastic coverage of your projects. 👌

    Sean Mogob

    Need get a nice cart now that holds both

    George Smith

    Sounding hell of koo

    SweetsPony Fluffiness

    She's loose


    H t p. Sick ..nice guys def looking at one.

    ricardo jaramillo jr

    Let's race miata vs wago, https://youtu.be/lTPCJUTxhQE

    Will Crosbie

    Omg glad you found her man 👍👍👍 id lose it if my frenchie got lost she’s my bff

    Drop A Gear TV

    Cant judge an engine by the paint job. My lude looks shitty but boy does she boogy.

    Alex hernandez


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    Kyle Love

    Thanks to the HTP guys!

    Kyle Love



    in case anybody missed ave's video. tungsten is radioactive so wear a respirator when grinding ya tungstens

    Cameron Oliver

    This Old Tony uses an HTP welder so you know they're good.

    Nick dominic

    what kind of tranny were they putting on the k at 10:50? trying to see some good rwd trans options for k series.

    James McGillie

    As a fan, and someone who would prefer there be future uploads from you chaps, PLEEEEEEEASE take the [x] mins to fit the bottle chains, etc, etc, which could prevent hurting someone special. Nobody wants that and OSHA would cry and sob and sue… Thanks for all the content. Pretty please be safe. Peace


    Question how is that k series secured just by the trans lower and wishbone or did you all bolt it to the ej25 subframe with motor mounts

    Josue Torrez

    How much for your hatch

    Jimbo Jerry

    How many likes for boosted boiz to get thatdudeinblue to review his cars!!? They would both benefit in my opinion. And would be sick

    gary wilson

    You guys should do a TDI civic build one day


    All that money into the motor and you put oreillys oil in it lmaoooo

    Luis Almanza

    Yo what happened to hondaru in the first place?

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