Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hondaru's New Paint Job Looks AMAZING!

Main Hondaru's New Paint Job Looks AMAZING!

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    It looked cool in sliver. But this color looks fast and faster


    I was shook when he said “my brother Eli” lmao thats my nickname

    Eli Beard

    What’s going on it for wheels? That’s my question… needs a bad ass set of like welds or something

    Just A Mechanic

    You guys need an inflatable spraybooth

    Rareform Drift Mob

    Color is fire bro

    Alex Chunk Miller


    Colin Watson

    kyle loookin skinney emo;lol

    XOZ Industries

    That color really shows off the body lines great

    XOZ Industries

    Everyone else gets a fine Dusting on their cars parked in the lot for free

    Jdubski NC

    You going to put lexan windows in it?

    Cornfed Scarecrow

    Might aswell have gone sh!t brown .

    Brandon Serra

    Looks sick! Are you gonna paint match the valve cover?


    Camera doesn’t do it justice. I had a old as fuck pit bull and every time I’d give him ol Roy he’d shit liquid patties of this color.

    Michael Avery

    My favorite BMW color, looks sick bro!

    Ashley Mello

    Tan primer actually works really well easy to see waves and bumps


    Emilio picked a very sick color!

    J Simmons

    Beautiful!! Good choice! Beyond ready to see the HONDARU rip again! Good luck hope the rest of the build is smooth!

    Josh Ehman

    looking good guys

    Life On Display

    New color fire 🔥

    Adrian Lopez

    I think slapping some bronze or white rims would pop

    Jake David

    I feel like thats the same color on pauls evo💯💯😍😍😍

    BW Jones

    So….I am not a huge fan of this color but its growing on me. After thinking about changing the color I think I would have painted it a Honda color maybe Type R yellow or something? To each his own. 🤙🏻

    J and K White

    I hope the wheels will be black


    Why did you not spray the inside first then the outside???🤔

    Dell Oh

    Carbon fiber goodies for Hondaru please!


    The M3 GTR was painted in this colour, it also had a carbon fiber roof.

    Emilio legit wants an M3 GTR… lol


    Should’ve done the factory blaze yellow

    Tom Budin

    loog at that thing dood

    Dirt Drop Garage

    You guys should buy the Phoenix gold M3 that Denver beer and oil dbo is selling in Denver Colorado


    That colour would look unreal with carbon parts.. great choice. cant wait to see it built

    Rune Andre Bergtun

    So, I guess you wanted some sand and dust in the primer so the paint would stick?

    James Anderson

    Your brother is a bad ass painter bro

    Ev Jonik

    Maaaaaan! I want to do my EG hatch in yellow but I'm nervous on how loud of a color and all

    Skoden Stoodis

    She's gonna be pretty badass brother. Looks good. Can't wait to see you rip the hondaru again,ps powder coat them shoes midnight chrome with a super clear coat on top. Lil different then just a gloss or flat black!

    Raymond Rodas

    When he said he’s painting the wheels black I started bursting out laughing . he’s not painting the wheels black


    What? No guide coat on the primer before sanding?

    tyler K

    Paint the wheels java black pearl for the baddest STI color ever made


    2 Fast 2 Furious Tribute?


    SPOON YELLOW + BLACK HOOD! hahahahahahha

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