Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hoonigan Goes to Final Bout: America's Greatest Grassroots Drift Event?

Main Hoonigan Goes to Final Bout: America's Greatest Grassroots Drift Event?

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    Final Bout is arguably the best grassroots drift event that the U.S. has to offer. Completely based around fun, style, and everything that we love about the late …

    James Pendleton

    Does anyone know the name of the song from 13:45 to 14:05 ?

    farzan wasee

    How does rob drift and drive, I am a bit confused

    Arnie Vogels

    I thought the channel’s name was “The Hoonigans”. Did you guys change


    Just need an hour or two of just the Sexy Knights to be honest.

    Boxcar Bro

    Cant wait for more

    S W

    Wtf? I've heard about this in Wisconsin but never thought it was in the Shawano area. Im Literally 5 minutes out from this place I've been sleeping on this…

    Daniel Spencer

    Easily 2200 guinea pig power!


    The blurring effect is really off putting, but great vid nonetheless


    You were recognized and called out by a legend in the game.
    Your response?

    Alex Crawford


    N H

    Hert, why run no sway bar in the front?

    Justin Mynatt

    Holy hsit the editing on this is no joke. props.

    アンドリューAndrew /

    7:04 the legend himself


    Those rollas and celicas, shadynasty? shoulda interviewed them


    Ok you done it now. After 2.5 years of YouTube, first bell ring. DRIFTING!!!

    Derek Quad

    Finaly som close to me. This year was dope af. Didnt get to meet none of yall tho. 🙁


    Oh man I love this episode so hard those Sexy nights dudes are legends can’t wait to see them shred 😎👌


    Japanese shittalk is awesome 😛

    Robert Cowley-Yamamoto

    Damn the sexy knights have been drifting as long as I have been alive. That's true dedication to the sport


    It is crazy to see how small the drift community really is. I know at least 40% of the drivers that went this year.


    Nooooooo. Why'd it have to end 😩


    OMG Hert GET THOSE TAILLIGHTS!! The ones on the Blue Beast!!!

    Rogue Dragon

    anyone else hear porn at 5:00?

    JB 86

    FR LEGENDS decal on that aqua fc


    Wait, Sexy Knights used to race in highways?

    eric neuman

    sexy knights are legends. what a fun group of guys they seem to be.

    Jacob Harmon

    We are not worthy we are not worthy!!! Sexy Knights thats all you gotta say!


    Illia a fool haha


    Why Dans purple bmw got a for sale tag on it @ 1:46 & not there with y’all

    Ludwig Luhoway

    Whats that purple car in the back at hoonigan garouge

    R3d Rocket

    omg i need this!


    Awesome Aesthetic


    I dont think Rob can feel his hands either
    …..yall see that no magnet, hand held tackehmahbrah

    Andrew Lehner

    Rad as always! Still remember the first time I went with a buddy to a DTown Drift Day at that track probably 2005. got lost footage somewhere, streetfire might have ate that shit though

    Nathaniel Long

    Imma keep commenting about unpros until I see a new season 👀 wit the whole Xavier Wulf soundtrack 😂

    Zach Benedetti

    Scotto is probably going to start collecting VCRs after filming that intro


    This is fucking rad.

    Julian Iniguez

    Guess who’s drifting on forza tonight

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