Saturday, March 25, 2023

hoopty civic is a goner…

Main hoopty civic is a goner…

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    Well guys i tried, i really did and im super bummed that this has to happen but were getting to a point were we just need to cut our losses.. I wanna thank …

    Wynston porter

    Swap some of the valves from the old head.

    huup Halen

    Bro put the other civic motor in

    William Rolison

    Trust me Chris DA integra

    William Rolison

    Da integra

    William Rolison

    Da integra Chris trust me

    William Rolison

    Get a 90 two door gs Acura integra

    William Rolison

    Just get a da integra

    Thats_Ery_Day Life

    Ruddy spec bolts

    Jason Rosas

    Lets jump the guy that sold ruddy this POS😼

    10 second Silvia boom

    Dude just take the head back off and get the valves taken out and checked. A set of valves wont be much

    TimmyT Black

    Your never gonna make compresselike that you actually have to turn the motor over

    Bryce V

    Honestly, cranking the shit out of the engine when theres no oil in it probably isnt the best Idea….

    Adam Kempy

    Don't give up change the valves

    Sol G

    Youve made this many videos in it already make it run for the viewers even if it means buying a new motor

    Gilberto Cerda

    Make it into a boat

    Tommy the painter

    Let make a mud toy.. I'm down

    Jdm James

    Thanks, from a honda guy. Just start with a better platform. Crx's are sexy and quick asf. You could autocross, drag, top speed!

    Zack Harris

    How is Roberto a mechanic? Guy knows nothing.


    hopefully tightening bolts is the only thing chris says he "ruddys"

    Eric Burns

    Why don’t you ACTUALLY TRY TO FIX IT and not just half ass it. Your effort so far has been pitiful as far as actual skill and procedure of repairing the thing. Put some effort in and stop acting like a high schooler. Grow up some, try, and make the build happen!


    If you part that out and scrap the shell I’m un subscribing lol atleast sell the shell so someone else can use it

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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