Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hot And Sport Cars Designed By Bertone

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    This video features Hot And Sport Cars Designed By Bertone. If you wanna see Hot And Sport Cars Designed By Bertone watch this video and hit the like button.

    Car News TV

    Excuse me guys but i I missed the premiere today
    , because we was at the Doctor with our Son, I hope you understand it.
    See you at the next premiere. Have a nice day !!! ♥

    Sterling Crockett

    I will never like the Countach with all of those wheel arches, spoilers and wings. The original design as penned by Marcello Gandini is both pretty and masculine, and wasn't mucked up much when the NACA ducts and vent boxes were added for better cooling. It was sublime and strong without being overtly butched out and trashy.

    Me Again

    The Black & White Countachs weren't even real lol…

    Nicola Ulivi

    La lancia Stratos aveva un motore v6 2400 e non un 1600 4 cilindri in linea: quella era la lancia Fulvia

    lex mark

    I thought the Fiats were a cool little car I actually wanted one in high school. I was always told that the vector if that's what that was the green car was a lot faster than what they said but apparently not I always thought it was doing 240 miles an hour but apparently it didn't do even a hundred forty oh well there's somebody fibbed a lot back then


    Hmm , it gots me thinking on that last one on whether if it’s like really low or if the guys are really tall . lol 😂

    Shane Norman

    Some quirky choices here, but all the better for that – even if the captions did get tied up in knots between the rally-conquering Stratos V6 and the all-for-show Stratos Zero.

    Micky Quiroga

    And Giugiaro????? Make one top with his designe

    GOLOSO massas Fos

    Il Countach è una replica.

    99_fiat_ multipla

    Oooh i cant wait!

    Dominique Descottes


    อัง เวสป้า เวสป้า


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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