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How an Air Conditioner Can Stop an Engine

Main How an Air Conditioner Can Stop an Engine

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    I was asked to figure out why a 2005 Jeep Liberty wouldn’t start- it would just Scream and crank slow. This is how we fixed it & the AC. As I mentioned, the “Ibis” …


    I would pickup a belt that would run the engine and by-pass the A/C unit just in case that Junk Yard part goes out and have the tools to put it on so I could continue down the road.


    Problem is he bought a jeep liberty!

    Pied Piper

    Hmmmm DOES it sound better????

    Stuart Smith

    Representin’ the K-Zoo mitt, snow hunters, eh!

    grin and bear it –

    Brian You have the best diy vids on YT. Short and full of hints. You going up in the air this summer


    OH Hi from Michigan

    george bonney90


    carlos medel estrada


    Benjamin Rich

    "In metric system or garbage units." Hahaha 🙂

    John Possum

    I'll upvote this just for the awful sound in the beginning. Maybe I'll even replace my cut off hockey stick with an Ibis.

    antonio mojica

    Lol garbage units. Yeah i cant stand standard or imperial


    This happened on my civic one time, cut the belt off and limped it home. Unfortunately most car's don't put the water pump on the timing beltchain so it takes ages to get anywhere without the belt on. On vehicles where the pump is on the timing chainbelt you can drive till your battery runs flat


    Great video Brian!

    robert medina


    Geo Logic

    Thanks for yet another informative video. Your recommendation for the cordless ratchet came right on time. I was just about to buy the same one you show here.

    Eric Brunhammer

    Dude, I had an 89 Chevy K1500 305 5 speed. One day I was heading down the highway and it seemed like I lost a ton of power and my air got warm. I pulled over and saw that the AC compressor and clutch was locked up but the belt was still going around it. Called my buddy with a tow truck and told him to be prepared to tow me home because I was going to try to make it the next 20 miles like that; but shockingly the belt didn't snap and I made it home lol

    bob gwinn

    wow 1st i've seen that… ty for sharing


    That sound at the beginning could have been from a sci-fi movie.

    At least it wasn’t a bad engine.

    Truck Mechanic

    Just would like to know as a 25+ year heavy fleet mechanic and my hearing is not as good as it was..

    Truck Mechanic

    Did you call the imperial measurement Garbage?? That measurement is responsible for everything you own including your life including everything in the United States that’s what you call Garbage??


    My 320k km F150 is on it's third compressor, due in no small part to Ford's decision to put it on the bottom of the motor and then not provide fender liners so every bit of crap off the wheels goes straight into the engine bay. I wish these clutches were easily removable so you didn't have to replace the compressor each time.


    5:15 how much oil to you put it?


    4:30 i had one of those dowels on a 18 year old bmw in the rust belt. that alternator didnt wanna go anywhere. original alternator to and had to pour every kinda spray i had on it. also had no room to swing a hammer. took over an hour to get it beaten off.



    Archie Bunker

    Couldn't you just have replaced the AC compressor rotor and clutch assembly without actually physically changing the entire compressor out?

    Kris Nicholson

    Anyone know if there's an easy way to test an auto if the torque converter is twisted/broken or clutch packs/friction plates have gone or am I stuck removing the entire power train to find out?

    c f

    how about a 06 impreza that overheats "sometimes". coolant will fill up the overflow tank sometimes halfway or other times just straight up overfills it. just had the timing and water pump done not 25k miles ago, thermostat less then a month. only other thing i can think it'd be is the A/C when it died about 2 months ago. I could take it to a shop but nobody touches my car except me, its a trust issue that i can't help.

    Brian Rainey

    Nice video, very informative!

    Stan S

    If you Tare the cylinder it would be easier to know how much you have put in.

    Stan S

    Metric system is for dummies.


    Excellent job too bad more people cannot be like you thor efficient and good.

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