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How Big is the Model 3's Trunk? 15 Cu Ft? More?

Main How Big is the Model 3's Trunk? 15 Cu Ft? More?

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    Tesla says the Model 3’s cargo capacity is 15 cu ft including the frunk, but something’s wrong with these numbers. Why? Because we fit more stuff in the trunk …

    Marc Bertucco

    Numbers aside, having rented so many compact/mid-sized cars over my lifetime, and usually having packed them all to the gills, I can tell you just be watching this video, that the fact that this car has gas-struts on the outside of the trunk, instead of intrusive hinges elbowing into your gear when you shut the trunk, makes a HUGE difference in real-world cargo capacity.


    No spare tire? Is that what goes in the under floor storage?

    David Johnson

    Alex, as usual you research and “demonstrate “ cars well. But Tesla is in financial “hot soup.” Are you so close to the company that you wouldn’t wish to comment on your deep down thoughts? I don’t mean to question you in an aggressive manner, just a quite off hand way. Dave in Phoenix

    Patrick Sung

    Thanks for figuring that out!
    I suspect Tesla downplays the cargo capacity number a little to better differentiate (and reduce cannibalization of sales) m3 from mY and mS.


    Whenever I demo the 3, I show the storage to ladies first, and performance to gentlemen first. Strangely enough, that's the order most prefer, indicating some sort of gender bias. It shines in both categories, so no one is disappointed. So much fun to see them light up when I then go into details of ownership cost.

    It's a truly amazing feat of engineering run by the biggest bunch of fools imaginable. Odd.


    Very good information Alex! You are top notch! My model 3 has headroom as almost a compact SUV inside. How about comparing the model 3 to compact Suvs for cargo and head room leg room etc? Which Suv is the Model 3 Close to?

    Peter and Will Anderson

    I think they list it as only 15 cubic feet, so they can differentiate as much as possible from the Model S, which has 30.


    Why did you not include folding the rear seats?


    A guy I work with bought a 3. He loves it. Personally I'm not interested in electric vehicles at all. Won't buy one for my next 2 cars, or basically the next 10 years


    Man you are milking this M3.

    Swiss -Boy

    Tesla Model3 even pulls ahead of ICE with superior space utilization, amazing job.

    Bert 88

    Best car reviewer on YouTube! Love this type of content!


    in other words tesla does not know how to take measurements and they messed up big time. they probably never got that memo about the new cover sheets for the TPS reports.

    Anton Vilinskiy

    Why would Tesla understate trunk size? I'm not saying it''s not true, but I just can't understand that part.


    No exclusive “frunk” comfort index??

    James Young

    Funny we were planning for a trip to the airport so for the first time I thought to give our Model 3 a try. Never thought it could hold all the suitcases and bags that usually go into our SUV, but they all fit! It was a big surprise because those trunks just don't look very big.

    Karl P

    Tell us about the workshop fixes, please.

    Michael Garcia

    It's a conspiracy!

    Keith Kitzhaber

    Where's the color commentary while sitting in the truck? Your exclusive trademark? Thanks for sharing. Good, useful info (as I load up my Model S for a road trip). The Model 3 would be a bit tight for our excursion.


    In my opinion, the only two cargo capacity metrics that matter are floor area and 24-inch roller bad capacity. Floor area is useful because groceries don't usually stack well, and 24-inch roller bags are a useful measurement for obvious reasons. Personally, I think absolute volume can be rather misleading, so I honestly don't care what that number is for the Model 3 or any other car.


    Very insightful and makes alot of sense. My Model 3's cargo capacity feels well over other 15cuft cars I've had.

    Kelvin Yang

    InflInflat a balloon inside the truck and measure how much air it holds

    Johnson C

    Not surprised at the size but still more than I imagined abit

    Johnson C

    Model 3 too popular and viewership.


    The mobster test passed with flying colours.

    Robert Chandler

    That's a good size space, at least 2.5 Hoffa capacity.


    Bad editions at 1:25. You guys need some rest, working too hard.

    Michael Muha

    Good job!!

    Gumer Zambrano

    Great informative video !

    R Cabreezy

    I love how objective Alex is, he has no brand loyalty, and tries to give the best real world review!

    Stephen Hendricks

    ROFL…Obviously Alex is producing every possible Tesla video before the Model 3 goes bye bye. He's right about the slippery nature of measuring and comparing cargo capacity in any vehicle. As I recall, Car and Driver uses the number of ping pong balls that can be poured into a space to achieve something resembling a standardized measurement. And who can forget Alex' ubiquitous gallon milk jug test of center console capacity. How many people buy gallon jugs of milk? I don't know but my family doesn't. 🙂

    Furthermore, shape as well as overall capacity complicates things further. When I noted the extremely limited cargo space in the Mazda CX-9 on one YouTube video, another poster noted that he could more easily fit his collection of hockey gear into the CX-9 versus its rivals despite its inferior overall cargo capacity. Perhaps a hockey stick measurement standard would be useful.

    In any event, Tesla appears to be following the excellent maxim of "under-promising and over-performing." At least in this particular instance. To claim less actual cargo space than is actually available is a first, I think.

    Grizzy Bear

    So how many jars of honey would i be able to fit?

    A M

    Keep the Tesla gravy train coming, I like these vids. I hope you have an update on user submissions of Model 3 range numbers and compare them with yours.

    John Doe

    I was missing the capacity with rear seats folded down.

    Marc Spunt

    Can you fit two 30" full size suitcases? 🙂 TIA!

    James Mastroianni

    Is there a reason you stopped doing your trunk comfort index?


    Wow, an Alex video with SUNSHINE! 🙂

    Marc Robinson

    How deep does the rabbit hole go Alex LOL


    So a real spare can be thrown there

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