Tuesday, March 21, 2023

How Brake Pads are Made

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    Brake pad replacement? Ever wonder how to make brake pads? Usually I show you a DIY like how to replace brake pads, but in this video I show you how brake …

    Supra sonic

    I stayed up all night just to watch your video and my dad just walks in my room and he’s like why are you up at 4am and I said waiting on the chrisfix upload and he was just like ahhhh

    Osama Abdulla

    Amazing video


    How baby"s are made………..


    Sadly they dont make brake pads for my car model

    jr grundlingh

    will like to see more


    I wonder how many of those people thought that they were gonna be working in a brake pad facility when they grew up.

    Mod I

    12:20 i think its an electromagnet, not vacum


    Why do some new brake pads have to be forced in? Great video by the way.

    Raven Colin Garcia

    Pls show your dream car

    Just a JK

    "The next video is the dream car video!" – Kill switch install
    "When my dad was pulling out of the driveway, I've seen coolant dropping out so I needed to fix it (…) I want the car video to be best, so I don't rush it' – How to replace water pump, which was a month ago…

    Xabi Khan

    This was the best video ever … I loved it … and yes plz make a series of how it's made 😊

    IsWaN MaHAmaD

    Nice.. Understand why they didn't share making the pad material. They have a secret blend, cooking profile etc..Same Bubenzer brake pad for the crane. But still good knowledge. Thank you for share.

    game_dog 2048



    Man this was amazing video… do more!!! It was very well structured and very well filmed! Glad I'm a subscriber πŸ™‚

    Abdul Ouadria

    Thanks chris. This video is awesome. I learnt a lot. You should make it a series.
    Next up : how tyres are made


    Nice new series πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

    eddy shikwambi

    hey chris (big fan) ..i have an idea for future reference..
    -how about you get a project car .. just a car to show us the viewers the wrong way of fixing a cars and you will be able to show us the good way to fix cars and the project car will show us negative impact it can do to our vehicles ..

    its like doing a comparison video πŸ™‚

    Ed David

    Be nice if they made pads for my Kia Sorento they don't

    LMinotaur X1

    Today, on ChrisFix's how it's made!

    I love those How It's Made series


    Just a random question. How many pairs of gloves do you use per video?

    Felix EFX

    The break pats @ 12:38 don't seem to be manufactured using this new press thing technology. They're molded I guess, right?

    Zohaib Anwar

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Loved this video!!!

    Bharat Melwani

    Ya it’s cool I would love to have a separate series on itπŸ˜„

    Ernie De La Torre

    NRS got a new customer. Or maybe a couple hundred thousand more.

    Vicente M G

    How do I know if my brakes are ceased up like that?

    000 McKing

    I just realized at the end of the video that it's 21 minutes long…

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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