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How can a 1.9L replace a 4.0!? Step By Step TDI Swap – Part 1

Main How can a 1.9L replace a 4.0!? Step By Step TDI Swap – Part 1

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    Introducing one of our latest builds: swapping a Volkswagen TDI into a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. But will that little baby 1.9 liter TDI be able to power such a clunky …

    Ryan Moreno

    intro is dope and so is john, solid addition to bleepin! stoked for the following vids for the build.

    Logic Bob

    Love that intro man!

    Tomáš Hlaváček

    No no no… Ruining great car and great engine… I am from Europe… And this 1,9 is dream for most people here – But its CRAP


    This is awesome professor!


    1) new intro is sick af 2) this is amazing and cant wait to see it 3) need to figure out the finer details for a tdi to WJ for myself (yeah big daddy gonna roll coal!) 😛

    Koy Carley

    Im so excited to see this new project! I have read a few things about the tdi swaps and I want to do it my self so bad! Im sure this series will help (not just me but a great number of other people!)

    adam parker

    Definitely watching this

    Jeff Schmitt

    Super excited for this build. New intro is awesome. Looking forward to the rest of this build and John's videos. Would love to add a tdi jeep to my fleet. Just one of many great ideas in my head.

    Andrew Thompson

    I think this is a fantastic idea. In Europe we have lots of small diesels in big vans. I've driven a 2.0 van with an all up weight of over 3 tones. Still had no problem at all on steep hills. The only time you will miss the 4.0 is when overtaking with oncoming traffic. I suspect it could use half the fuel and may have better touque low down.

    Adventures In Little Trucking

    Im doin the coty tdi swap. Cant wait.

    Chas Gordon

    Very excited for this series and build! I have a long history with VWs. I never did own a TDi powered VW, but this build series could end that soon enough.

    Timothy Walker

    is there a reason you didnt look into the coty built kits for the xj? im leaning that way because its so simple. You might check them out. You can purchase a control module that goes from the vw to the xj cluster. Plug and play. Everything works


    I have a 2 door 98 with a factory 2,5 L – 115 HP engine, 5 speed stick shift, AC.
    I love the car for everyday driving. Pulls my horse trailer with two heavy mares through sand, the dirt and up the mountains and my Seadoo to the beach. Even rescued a Range Rover out of the mud. Runs an easy 160 km on the highway. Now I have 200.000 km. No mayor issues and still going strong.


    Been following him on ig for a while now, sick wagoneer project and recently this xj, all in a tiny garage, great stuff.


    I’m liking this new fellow

    Not Sure

    I'm sure the guys'll make sure all goes well in the end…but fuck this shit!


    i normally find these multi-part engine swap vids hard to tune in to but i can't wait for the rest of this series!


    Well done video. Looking forward to this series.

    Árni Geir Lárusson

    AWYEAH! Been thinking about this project since my 4.O dropped the oil pressure quite significantly!

    K/ Ocmp

    Someone told me the japanese surplus engine 4b2c is powerful diesel engine.


    I am currently halfway through swapping a VW 1.8t gas engine using this same conversion kit. Been lots of fun so far. Super excited to watch how this goes

    Joe Garofalo II

    This is the greatest thing ever! I'm really excited to see the rest of the videos. Thank you guys so much!

    Brian Daley

    My favorite class by far! Well done professor 👍

    Robert Peruzzi

    This has been my dream project for some time now. Can not wait to follow this build through to completion.

    Kyle Pogue

    Coty built tdi has all the brackets you need


    You are taking the 4.0 out it is what makes a xj

    Hillbilly Noma

    Anyone looking to do this swap, don't use a beetle. They have a funky wiring harness.

    Bryan Bright

    Unrelistic for the everyday jeeper, thanks guys. Ls motor would be more affordable… Increased ponys and better fuel economy over the 4.0 and much more available than the Td turd…. Thanks but no Thanks….. Love the videos though!!! Can't win them all!!! TLC
    PS Wife drives a VW Jetta TDI… Second worst Vehicle we've ever owed#!

    A.W. Koonce

    Great class professor




    How do you like that Eastwood?


    Wait…..wait……who is John? Did I miss something?….. Is this his intro video? If so why? Isn't there a test or some kind of challenge he's got to make it through before he's bj staff? Hmmmm… Lol I don't like your tone Matt you're comin at me all wrong see

    robert huff

    More energy and excitement in that opening than in all yalls videos put together.


    Love the concept. Not excited with the engine choice. I've been looking at the Jeep 3.0 Diesel.


    There are loads of old xjs here and loads of tdi engines ……… following to see how it goes. and btw what tdi engine is it ???

    Eric Sossamon

    I am looking forward to this series

    another JKowner

    Pretty soon Mat is gonna just gonna sit back and wheel, while he plays Ted Turner of jeepin videos lol. I love it more content yes please

    another JKowner

    Something is different… I like it another deisel guy

    Zoe XJ

    You bleepinjeep guys rock! Nice variety of builds and events to see. Happy for the channel's success. Onward and upward, gentlemen. Now if you can just find a female contributor…hmmm…

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