Tuesday, March 21, 2023

How Good is Volkswagen's 4MOTION All Wheel Drive?

Main How Good is Volkswagen's 4MOTION All Wheel Drive?

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    We go for a drive in every Volkswagen 4motion all wheel drive car. Golf R, Golf Alltrack, Tiguan, Atlas. Support us on Patreon: …


    What do you think about 4MOTION? Also did you like this not-a-vlog video style for a change sometimes?

    Also thanks to our early video access Patreon supporters Michael H, Somark L, Sean R, Oliver U, Arthur E, David C, Israel C, Luke M, De Kun L, James M, Julian M, Graeme P, Ethan L, Charles E, Pavo B, LeaseCosts Canada, Edgarson R, Ryan J, Kevin D, Allen G, Andrew R, Joe, Waleed M, Hyogo M, Omar, J, Matt W, Bill B, Kelvin K, Carlos L, Forrest W, Kevin S, Brad M, 10ShapedFist, Phuong N, Santhosh B, Peter S, MK, Andy B, Casey A, Rob J, Andrew L, Jayjay S, Christopher K, Artur N, Alexander M, Edward A, Carlin M, Pablo O, Kevin J, Jim G, Kirk H, Brylon E, Glenn K, James S, Rohit S, Grant H, Henry K, Sean F, Kim H, Joel P, larusso, Dallon H, Nealon Y, Giliar D, Matthew G, John D, Devin B, Eric W, Brian H, Fei D, Chad S, Cameron P, Nelson C, Eric Z, Griffin O, Daniel R, James B, Doanh L, Aaron B, Armel M, Jordan R, David, Maciej S, Nihilia, Geoffrey G, Jeff M, Christopher B, David G, Thomas B, Diondi T, Brendan T, Owen Q, jj, Andersen G, Aaron A, Idean N, Wesley M, Jin L, John S, SY, Jessie Z, Jordan S, Special K, Victor L, Logan S, Michael G, Brett, Justin O, Darren J, Noel M, Scott G, Chris B, Chan T, Aaron M E, Alexander R, Charlie P, Mickel, Siu C, Andrew G, Tyler S, Kevin W, Matt O'C, Nik L, Ahsan U, Theo E, Dylan P, Melissa N, Joshua B, 6ixSet Toronto, Nawraz B, Joe W, Im_Justin, Loren K, Scott A, Tyler K, Andrew, Wesley T, Jacob C, Kevin W, Will B, Jon B, Ajay J, Evan D, Fabio S, Ben's Car Blog, Josh S, Peter G, arkon, Matt C, Tejawn H, Shawn A, Joseph B, Artur N, Robert J! Check out the cool rewards at http://www.patreon.com/thestraightpipes

    George Beier

    I bought an Alltrack last year after watching your video. Love the car. But not many frozen lakes here in Cali.

    Jason Gr

    airplane infotainment reviews will go viral!!! do it!

    Mathieu Locas

    Hi guys !! it's possible to disable everything ESC / ASR OFF in all mk7 models by using a VCDS Cable or OBDEleven dongle. A little tweak that many people do, then the button on the central console or the menu in the infotainment is customized.

    R. CEO

    YURI'S hoodie is straight fire…i want.


    Volkswagen golf is the best people's car, reliable while fast, great handling, great braking, stable at high way speed unlike japanese cars!!!

    David G

    What? Who doesn't like rollercoasters?

    Alan Spacer

    lawnmower reviews


    sh awd school?


    is this one of those Japanese videos?


    Just came from Engineering Explained. He has sold himself out to Tesla. I hope you guys dont turnout like that.

    Nobby Barnes

    Jesus this video is pathetic. Whose your target audience? 13 year olds?


    "YURI DRONE HUNTER"… Netflix, get on this, would be a killer Netflix original movie…

    Yingjie Qiu

    thats jetta gli

    Adrian de leon

    Definitely the new arteon in the blurred videos

    Rubinix Cube

    Congrats guys on a great video with lots of views and comments in under a day!

    Glen Ferguson

    Good format. informative. Well shot. Fun.

    John Berk


    Helson Ly

    How does this compare to Acuras sh-awd?

    Steven Mott

    @thestraightpipes What did you think of the cornflower blue color? I am looking into getting a rabbit soon.


    SEND IT! in snow.

    Sam Abbas

    Amazing video


    I deactivated 100% of the traction control on my alltrack with vagcom and it's way more fun . With a stage 1, it almost handles like the R .


    4Motion, why not Quattro….


    For those with a Volkswagen product and want to fully disable their traction and stability control, purchase a little device called OBDeleven. You can do sooooo much with it.

    G G

    Please find my drone!!

    Guillaume Lefevre

    Très bon video les gars!…..I'd figured a French comment would be appropriate :p

    Emmanuel Lehuu

    I'd like you guys to do clothing review (car clothing of course, like shoes, suits, helmets, gloves, etc…)


    It's cedar, Yuri

    john ferreira

    Knee walls are not cool, Yuri.


    OoOoOo I dig those drone shots. What make and model drone do you guys use?

    Jackson McMaster

    That is the hotel from hotel time machine

    Mike Zerker

    Your drone skills are amazing! It's like I'm watching a movie! Great job filming this video!


    0:26 The GTI and the standard Golf should be available with 4Motion.

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