Thursday, March 23, 2023

How It Took £25,000 And 5 Years To Make My Perfect V6 MX-5!

Main How It Took £25,000 And 5 Years To Make My Perfect V6 MX-5!

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    Thank You To eManualOnline for sponsoring this video. Get 20% off eManualOnline using the code ‘CT20’ Phil, my beloved …

    Benjamin McKinlay

    He should take it on a road trip to Miataland in Italy.

    Dimitri Stewart

    8:30 9 times, 9 f&£#@%* times.

    Jack Reddington

    5:00 I'm gonna tell my kids this was ed and Mike from wheeler dealers

    Body-kitted 316-shed

    I looked after Mazda UK's press fleet in '88/89 and used to love driving brand new MX5's. So much fun. An absolute steal nowadays too. I still have one now.

    John Piekuta

    you used 'project car' and 'finished' in the same sentence. Let's reconsider our word choices


    funny how it sounds so bmw, even tho its v6 and not i6

    Jacob Howell

    Actually I never thought of it until I watched this video, the first Phil episode was during a really bad break up I had… It was tough but I threw myself into my NA MX5, and 5 years on I'm married to a lovely girl, and the only reason I sold my MX5 was to pay for our honeymoon 😂

    Thanks Alex and Phil 💕

    Willy Lamb

    Is this a track car for road courses or autocross? And what kind of power to weight ratio?

    khizar hayat

    Can we please get 4k Phill wallpapers


    Well done on staying the course.. Good projects take Time, money and commitment to get past the line. Enjoy 👍👌


    gold wheels?

    Roger Bailey

    Wow super project and inspiring video, huge respect from me here Alex

    Vincenzo Crawford

    I'm not crying you're crying!

    Snow Leopard

    I hope they legalise car-man marriages so that Alex can finally get the happiness he deserves!

    James Smith

    Awesome episode well done car throttle

    Jack J

    Your a top bloke with a top car! What you lack in height you make up for with charisma! You should be a politician (conservative) you would go far and like your car ,win lots of votes .


    Hahahaha… We all know that this is not the finale… You never finish a project car.


    Fantastic job 👍🏼. Sometimes a car means more to an individual then the cost incurred, sign of a proper petrolhead. 👍🏼

    B1 ._15

    I think that Alex shout put a different exhaust on the Mx-5


    Any details on that beautiful interior?

    Everything Automotive

    Turbo the v6?

    Mango Dango

    Not a miata but I bought a clunky 4th gen v6 camaro off a friend and that was it, ive had a few neat cars but man Idk what it is
    Now I'm halfway through a ls swap another friend gave to me and I'm trying to make it a drift car
    I really don't know what happened
    I just need more freaking money


    What happen to his blue e36 ?

    Kevin Delacoudray

    has anyone actually used emanualonline??


    How gay are gareth and I?

    Ofir L

    Wow I didn't realized how much Phil improved over the time !!!

    I think the only thing you can do to make Phil better is to put a stiffer anti roll bars

    jason zephaniah

    “Everytime i get inside phill im happy got a massive smile in my face”
    “The feeling it gives me is just awesome”

    Well then…

    mark pudovkin

    Great video guys seriously! Showing people to get in to cars and man does phil liking shmick!

    Cody Watson

    I think you should do a mix up with MCM, like they did with RoadKill. I bet an episode of MCM vs. Car throttle would be awesome!

    Jimmy Grant

    You could’ve put a Busso in it but I’ll let it slide.

    Ethan Pinto

    Is this the last time we’re going to see Phil😢


    15:57 think you MIGHT need new tires

    Sergio Bulgari

    Dude great!
    I bought my mx5 in 2014 for 1200 and spend 8000 to keep him alive #hakunamiatalife
    And that was worth every penny.

    Michael Simoneau

    that sound was wurf 5 years


    0-60 time?

    Henry DeLisle

    Okay, is it weird that just as someone watching this I was so proud and happy of you when he was so happy of how your car turned out? Like I hope one day that I can build my dream car (FD RX-7, I know it's kinda basic but I love the style and the rotary so yeah) and the original makers see it as a beautiful improvement of their idea.

    Fiachra Gallagher Jaath

    I love my 1990 NA. It's a cammed 1.6L with about 140whp. Engine was rebuilt and tuned by a guy who builds spec miata race cars and has been doing so for more than 20 years. Rev's out to 7800rpm, still on the stock ecu by manually adjusting the AFM, fuel pressure and timing (Old school method). All the power is over 5krpm. Very fun to drive up in the rev range and it sounds crazy driving around the roads with a racing manifold, decat and a borla backbox! Love its raspy sound and its pops. All rust has been cut out and the car has been resprayed.

    manuel lopez

    When is forced induction getting here

    Deva Adithya Bobby

    That ending made me cry

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