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How Miserable Is A Tesla Road Trip?

Main How Miserable Is A Tesla Road Trip?

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    Electric Car Road Trips – Everything You Need To Know Find Your Next Car On AutoTempest: Are EVs practical for long distances?

    Mister Dragon.

    Do it in cold weather.


    Everyone talking bout when he was born and I’m tripping cause he drove from Boise and that’s near where I’m from

    Duane Dempster

    1963!! Really, wow you have aged well dude!

    Mike Cronis

    No superchargers here. Level 2 charge takes a day. Good luck.

    DemiQuad FPV

    Just about a convincing support for electric vehicles. But what if you tried with a 5 year old battery?

    Walker Forsyth

    Lol, so much for the Tesla Semi being a success…

    Miroslav Milan

    Good video. But you’re nowhere near as brave as CGP Grey, road-tripping the loneliest road in America on his first EV drive. 😄


    Detroit to Boise??? O_O kinda specific?

    Tom Ganks

    You were born in 63? Holy moly you look like you're 35

    Virian Bouze

    Stop fooling yourself, anyone can park a car on a car carrier, and rave about all the miles you can go. Let me hear how well you can do driving up the alcan high way; to Fair Banks Alaska? Those Juice boxes, still need some charge, I do hope you can find some of those truck stops; they may have some Juice to charge that "Juice-Box!

    Evading Grid

    Thou shall not suffer a Tesla to . . .


    Dude…tie your right hand to the steering wheel.


    i thought you were 40! 1963???????????????

    The Watchman

    7 hours charging versus 20 mins refuelling with half the range each time; No contest to prefer petrol cars.

    Eugene Wong

    1963?? I thought that he was 10 years younger than me, not 10 years older!

    Jeffrey Lim

    Do you think adding solar panels on the roof might make sense considering the efficiency of solar panels today?

    Mario De Cristofaro

    I can do the same with my diesel engine half the time

    Tom Harrison

    The trip navigation accounts for things like temperature, elevation gain — my experiences over at least 20 trips beyond the 300+ mile total range have been that there is built-in conservativeness — even in a few cases where I thought I might have to do the last 20 miles a little slower than my usual 75mph I never even had to. The actual range and EPA ratings are surprisingly close — far better than my last car, a Prius that advertised 60mpg and really got more like 45mpg, whereas I often get more than 325 miles, and even in winter get maybe 20% less. So on long trips, mostly it's just a matter of learning that you can trust the trip meter, and that you do have options, and so on. Oh, and you said you were born in 1963? No way! (I was born in 1962)


    Lol I kept seeing those truckloads of Model 3s on I-80 in Wyoming last week. They would struggle to make the trip on their own.


    1963? No way you're 55 years old!

    Kimber 10MM

    What a Pointless Video!!

    Kimber 10MM



    How often do you have to wait for a changer to be available

    paul bk

    The Rankine Cycle generator that charges your Tesla is about 35% thermal efficiency. Your battery/motor efficiency does not tell the whole story. In fact, it's misleading.


    such autopilot xDDDD

    Tam Mays

    THIS BRO IS 56??????

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