Tuesday, March 21, 2023

How Much Did it Cost to Build our 750cc Cross Kart?? + Paint!

Main How Much Did it Cost to Build our 750cc Cross Kart?? + Paint!

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    Today, we start painting the cross kart and figure out how much money we spent to build it! We finish up welding certain areas of the chassis, smooth out the …

    J K
    EL Family

    Set up a website good quality the whole family need one🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️


    “If you guys were to build one of these yourselves…”
    First of all, hopefully most guys would stay away from gps parts and use used SXS parts that’t cost less than half the price. Second of all, they could pick up an efi water cooled vtwin 800 that makes comparable hp/torque numbers from a used can am that’s both lighter as well as smaller.


    how many feet of steel are in it

    nappy waves

    Can I buy it form yall


    Please pleeeeeeeas put some bigger tires on it

    Young Champ

    when will we get a truck update?

    C P

    So I'm posting on here because I need advice I have probably a old 50cc E-ton quad and it has enough room to fit a 212cc predator engine on it but I dont know what else to do


    If you have a Napa near you look in Zero Rust, it works like Por15 with out the texture if you want a smooth finish.


    With it's torque, go with 2" taller tires on the rear, and I know you guys have something really nice planned for the gas tank straps other than 2 diff colored straps. Awesome so far.

    Mark Wondolowski

    Need ATV tires now


    Over spray mist everywhere I had too hit the dislike button for improper paint techniques poor ventilation you asking for a bad day

    Dave Kauffman

    Rust never sleeps, many a fine car has succumbed to the Rust Monster here in NY State, when I put new metal on something I paint it before anything. Excellent build.

    Tom Colton

    How much do you figure the A/C is gonna cost?


    by to way why didn't you do a cab that opens cocpit roof bouth ways if you like which has a quick lock to unlock it to get in and out much faster

    Shawn Lasswell

    Looks great

    matthew Steblein

    David Freiburger could build this for 500 bucks lol


    Never add the bills up ! I'm a year in, and 4000 dollars into this small Ferrari : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wsqem0SKeQ&list=PL_RCbGbT9FwUpO0bDm3PDweN5uPnNyLAg

    Dev Mevada

    You should go for neons

    one two

    Молодцы! хотелось бы больше про мини байки.

    Tim Erickson

    Here lies ike impaled by a stop sign age 93 last words "IT'LL BE FINE"

    Matt Kuhlman

    Man only issue I have is when using rattle cans is overspray getting on the vehicle's. It's a pain to buff out.

    Forever Jim

    The kart looks pretty good, buuut… That roll bar is FUGLY. I like the white and black though


    Personally I feel that the major thing that limited this build, because it could have easily been better, was the heavily reliance on sponsors like Go power sports for parts instead of doing it with channel revenue.

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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