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How Much Horsepower Does a Tune Add? ~ Stage 1 Tuning Golf R

Main How Much Horsepower Does a Tune Add? ~ Stage 1 Tuning Golf R

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    In this video I will show you how to install a tune on your own car. We are installing Integrated Engineering Stage 1 ECM and DSG software. You can tune your …


    Wearing a hat inside the car? Definitely hiding something.

    Anthony Millar

    Hi Charles
    Would you recommend remapping a tdi golf
    Keep up the good work πŸ‘

    my volks

    I went United Motorsports on my 1.8t. stage 1 and it's been great for the past 8 years, very happy with it.

    Open Ranks

    IE is such fucking garbageπŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Unitronic > APR > IE

    Bootney Lee

    Perfect timing. Just bought this for my Audi A5 2.0 T. Haven't done the tune yet.
    Question: Will the tune undo any changes you've made with Obdeleven?

    andy de la rue

    Is that a automatic?

    Theodor Sonfors

    Tuners are Damm wizards!


    Does it work with the mk4?

    Reg Greetham

    Can someone local lend him an M140i for the day? I’d like to see his reaction the torque of the B58. πŸ˜‰


    I've done a few stage 1 tunes on my previous cars and I always have that same response "This is how it should have been from the factory"


    what does the dsg tune really do? is it really worth it? as it costs the same as the ecu tune itself?

    Miroslav Marinov

    Why didn't you use REVO software? It's in my opinion much better. πŸ™‚


    Hey Charles, what camera/ mount is that on the headrest?

    phil kite

    I love all of you great VAG content and have learned lots from all you videos! Do you get tired of all of that hair hanging from from your face?? Are there creatures living in all that beard??

    Allan Zepeda

    Convinced! I want a Golf R now .😍

    M I 6

    I see it chilling up there.

    M I 6

    Hey Charles what happened to your white gti??

    Bryce Jordan Productions

    Just wait till you go big turbo brotha πŸ˜‰ really wish I was nearer we could do comparisons on and off the course! Love the yellow, love the videos, keep it up! 🀘

    James Lord

    Hey Charles, great video! So does this mean you got the IE intake? Love all your videos! Keep up the good work……

    Nancy Perrault

    Dude i love you but its time to shape up that beard you hot the weight to go any direction you want

    Carmelo Villanueva

    That work for MK7 gti ?


    This is a good video. The dyno figures is on par with my stage 2 MK5 GTI on Eurodyne with three F23T turbo

    karstgeo 72


    Alexis Daniel Vilches Vargas

    Hi Charles, when you do the stage 1 or 2 or any of this kind of repros, what happen with emissions???

    Aaron Garcia

    It add as much power as necessary to fracture the piston, and then it stops.

    Jack Banh

    I’m so tempted to go stage 1 on my GTI but yeah the risks associated with the warranty do concern me a little. Would love to have the DSG be a little more sporty with its shifting.


    I couldn’t figure if I need to purchase both engine and transmission tunes separately? That gets to over $1200 if this is the case.


    When you change the downpipe (yes, when), letting off the throttle around 3k rpm makes some rumblings…..and possibly angry neighbors.

    William Nguyen

    Entertaining video!

    Streetlife CC

    Unitronic has more power gains nice tunner though

    Maxi Biscardi

    kind of poor comparison.. how much difference in boost? how many psi peak/sustain? how much is the timinig modified? does it modify vvt?

    A3 Rocks

    Love the upgrades. Keep goin. I will list my upgrades and have hit 100,000 miles on Audi A3 Quattro with no issue from extra power. Sumbitch is extremely fast.
    Unitronic stage 2 tune
    Unitronic stage 2 DSG
    Full set of bigger charge pipes from turbo to inter cooler and back to intake.
    GFB diverter valve is stronger than stock.
    Turbo muffler delete.
    Cold air Intake
    Lightweight Enkei RPF1 rim saved 10 lbs per wheel.
    Bilstein coilovers adjustable
    Full turbo back Borla exhaust. It has 2 mufflers no mid silencer.


    TCU tune is the best bang for the buck with these DSGs. The stock tune is pretty bad unless you drive it in manual mode all the time. I opted for the TVS stage 2+ stealth TCU tune and it's been a game changer. Pulled my JB4 for warranty purposes, prob will tune it after the warranty expires in 5 years

    Dan Brady

    I had the same response when I did a Cobb stage 1 93 on my 16 GTI. Awesome numbers πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Paul Eyerman

    Please hook up your battery charger, mine died during a TCU flash and totally ruined my weekend. Eventually got it sorted but it was a hassle!

    As you were 😬


    Dont forget to check out IPE Valvetronic Exhaust Systems… Giggle alittle after watched their videos then thank me laters Also get the CTS Downpipe, Cat or Decat both sounds crazy good with those Japanese Innotech Performance… Nothing better for Golf R or the GTI on the market !!! πŸ‘ 😎 πŸ‘

    El Jefe

    Oh why didnt I get a dsg?! Scared to tune my 16 gti with all ive heard about failing clutches. I guess that is what credit cards are for.


    how many miles did you go before the tune?


    With VAG cars, there is a bit that gets tripped when you tune it. They will know.

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