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How Much Weight Can Trucks Actually Tow?

Main How Much Weight Can Trucks Actually Tow?

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    How Are Tow Ratings Determined? What Does A Tow Rating Mean? Watch TFLTruck Run Through Testing – What is SAE J2807, …

    Engineering Explained

    Was the the vehicle in this video at capacity? Yes, but it’s rather confusing how we get there. The combined truck + trailer weight in this video is 39,840 lbs (with no people). The combined weight rating is 43,000 lbs – which you’d reasonably assume we’re down 3,000 lbs. However, the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (just the weight on the truck) is 14,000 lbs, and we’re at 13,700 pounds (without driver, but with the tongue weight of the trailer) in this vehicle, so we’re hitting max GVW before hitting max GCW. Why? Because this is a Limited truck, not the base truck, which will have a lower curb weight with few features, smaller cab, 2WD, etc. So while the base truck would have a GCWR of 43,000 lbs, you would never achieve that with the Limited version due to the base weight of the vehicle. Meaning? Your truck has a maximum amount it can weigh, your trailer has a maximum amount it can weigh, and your truck + trailer has a maximum amount it can weigh. In this video, the limiting factor was the truck’s 14,000 lb GVW, which allowed for a trailer weight of 30,645.

    LaSean Barrick

    At 4:26 when the truck is doing the brake test, is that brake dust blowing around on the road?

    Just left of the truck you notice a black material sweeping the ground like it's a powder or something.


    So, to get a max rating do they test increasing weight to the point of failure or do they just low ball it and say good enough? What I mean is could they perform better if they tried, but they want to sell bigger trucks…

    Theo Brown

    Omg so many people do not use the parking brake when loading, unloading and parking. I'm a stickler. Right is right and it only matters when shtf


    Driving: the only field where "STAY IN YOUR LANE!" isn't a douchey thing to say.


    20 ft to stop.
    I bet the driver will still tailgate the guy in front. Everybody tailgates these days, even if you're going 10mph over the speed limit.

    Boone Docker

    I have always thought tow rating were conservative. But, these tests were performed with a new vehicle though obviously. Now do it with a truck with 100K miles and normal wear and tear.


    We need proper units of weight


    Hwy is the acceleration time demanded? Theres no real need of faast acceleratrion.

    Roland Elliott

    This rating system is great, pity here in Australia they have nothing so demanding, every day there are accidents caused by under rated tow vehicles.
    Another thing, i know it would be extra work but i would like to see the metric system employed in your uploads. Ie: kph , kg, etc.

    Johannes dat Blue

    Think about that: You drive this car with 1000kg too much weight in this scenario (5:50). You are limited in braking performance because of the bad weight destribution and you have got even more mass to slow down (in this example the 34% remain) . A brake system is limited in power. The power enhacer for your braking system has got a membrane with x cm^2 and a maximum pressurde difference of 0,xbar and the force you apply by your foot. At some point you cant deliver enough braking force to load out the tires -> you gain braking distance because you decelerate slowert then possible with this tires.

    Manuel Grimm

    I really like your videos, but I always have to convert it into metric units. That's the only problem 😀


    Metric system numbers are crucial for 94,7 % of the population, i would finish watching if it was included.
    i like the videos


    Very informative, thank you.

    Simon Maglica

    Well, sway test is entirely related to distribution of weight on the trailer relative to it's wheel axis.
    Majority of weight in front of the axis will always dampen, meanwhile weight behind axis will tend to cause trailer to oscilate.
    AFAIK it has almost nothing to do with the truck (though im no expert ofc.).

    Shubham Pawar

    English please Jason.
    The only pounds I know is British currency.
    Think about all the minority that include the world that use metric SI units.

    Buff Barnaby

    Electric truck…hold my electrons !

    Buff Barnaby

    TFL Car did an amateur version of this.💩

    Kevin Singh

    Huh. And I always thought these companies just pulled these numbers out their rear lol

    Mark Cray

    Do you require an articulated lorry licence to tow HUGE trailer and pickup combinations in the USA?


    Great, now lets get DOT on the same page! Not everyone who drives a truck and trailer is a gotshot outfit, I get pulled over all the time for missing wieght stations and after insurance, registration, DL that is all in my name and not a company, Im still ordered to provide a stcker that says "Not for hire". But none of the staters can point to a law saying its required. (Btw, move your GVW to the next thousandth and pay the difference when you register, so you can avoid this whole argument. )

    paneri prateek

    I expected a higher level / simple explanation like orther Guys out there the level of detail you gave is really amazing.


    baikai seal

    Why am I watching this when I don't need to tow anything or even needing a truck

    phillip galas

    I want to see more class testing for electric vehicles. Overheating for anything but the battery should be a non-concern, along with acceleration and braking.
    I know a group of people that laughed at me when I installed a class II hitch on my Nissan leaf. "You'll break the transmission" 🙄

    Turbo Sam

    In the uk this truck would be allowed to tow 7716 lbs (3500kg) a silly law thought up in the 1950s that doesn't represent modern vehicles.


    Hey Jason, can you look into how well car's safety features hold up from daily driven cars by people who don't really care about cars?
    like, i.e.A lot of new cars today have automatic braking when it senses something pop out in front of them, like a pedestrian. and those obviously have specific protocols placed by the manufacturer and probably have a car thats well maintained, brakes, clean sensors, good tires, car not overloaded with weight, etc etc.


    Very informative ! But how do they asume the weight on the trailer to start with? Just putting x-amount on it seems a little weird …


    Very clickbaity title. This isn't the max they can actually tow, it's what they are rated for. They can tow quite a bit more and do so safely, Due to insurance liability and dumbasses that go way overboard we are where we are. But again this is nowhere near determining the max weight. Just the limit at which the truck is rated for. Stay within that limit and any damage occurs and you may be able to fault the company. Go over it and you may face criminal or almost certainly civil liability.

    Nathan Bain

    7:08. I think it should be F = mgsin(theta), and you forgot to multiply the gravity constant to the force on the grades. Although the percent change in force remains the same despite that.

    Steve po

    The ever increasing HP/tow weight ratings on Class C trucks is exactly why the laws changed here in CA recently, with all types of trailers over 10K lbs requiring a Class A.
    Most people are not properly trained or qualified to tow heavy loads, regardless of if their truck can, and that's a problem. A regular 3/4 or 1 ton pickup hauling more than 10K lbs of trailer and load requires the same, if not better attention and driver inputs than a semi hauling 40K lbs. Why?……is all about duty cycle. Big trucks are heavier and overbuilt to handle far more weight than most of them are usually hauling (80K lbs gross combined weight is the standard max, which works out to about 50K lbs of cargo in most scenarios). More weight than that means you need more axles/tires or permits, or both. Tires, roads and structures like bridges are the limiting factors, not the truck's abilities.
    My Peterbuilt doesn't even notice a load on its trailer that is under 30K lbs, which means at 60% of its normal duty rating… the truck isn't even trying. That's talking accel, braking, stability and steering feel.
    Now go and put 60% of the rating of one of these pickups on a trailer (about 14K lbs not including trailer tare) and tell me the truck drives and behaves the same as when its empty!

    KW Tay

    can you have a video explaining what are the basis of standards set for the testing, eg. why 12 seconds or 14 seconds acceleration, or why 45ft braking distance, why 100F temperature etc…

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