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How To Add FACTORY Spare Tire Kit ~ 2019 Golf R

Main How To Add FACTORY Spare Tire Kit ~ 2019 Golf R

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    Why did the Golf R not come with a spare tire? Well, it doesn’t really matter because there is no spare tire, or even a jack in the 2019 Golf R. Today we will be …

    akmal azmi

    πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Malaysian spec Golf 7.5R comes with spare tyre. But no sub-woofer πŸ˜”


    A really common reason why modern cars don't come with a spare is to make room for the subwoofer as part of the upgraded audio system. If I'm not mistaken, you can see it at 3:37.

    Cal M

    My UK 2018 Golf R came with a spare. Its just you americans they are ripping off. I mean your government did fuck them over…

    Bart Langedijk

    7:27 What?? The OEM spare wheel tyre is a linglong brand one?

    Bart Langedijk

    I think another reason that manufacturers stopped adding spare tyres is because people are unable or unwilling to change their tyre themselves. People are lazy and rather call the tow truck instead.

    I added one to my Audi A3, those spare kits are useless.

    Teodor Milcheliev

    So first you got screwed over the cheaper alternative by having a foam and a pump. Then this kit is not going to repair your tire 100% of the times /hope you never need it at all/. After that if you ever use it and it repairs the tire, then you have to replace the tire, so you are one tire down. And also that Foam has an expiration date, so it has to be replaced after a while too. Ooou and one more thing is in the Mobility program. If your vehicles comed from the factory with the mobility kit /foam and pump/ when you have a flat and if that flat is not fixed with the tyre repair kit they will recover your vehicle to the nearest VW service center. But then you are not able to use a spare car or a hotel provided by the Mobility program otherwise. The last is not just the weight, it is the trunk space that they advertise over the competitors. Actually for all the above all the companies are doing it in their line up to some extent but it is more market dependable. Like in the previous Diesel E-Class Mercedes they have the AdBlue /DEF/ tank in the spare wheel space and you even do not have the luxury of adding one, you are stuck with a tire repair kit.


    The real reason it didn’t come with one is …. so you you could make this video about installing one! Vw looking for theirs favorite bearded mechanic πŸ™‚

    Sam Harper

    It did not come with one because the Humble Mechanic said it did not need one as long as you watch his videos and subscribe LOL

    Paul Curran

    My Golf R here in Ireland came with a spare wheel, as did any others I've seen. Maybe certain US states don't allow space saver wheels so it's deleted from all US cars?

    tom thompson

    how a car can come without a spare in this day and age is beyond me , just a way of penny pinching as for adding 45 lbs, who on earth cares , drive with half a tank of fuel if your that bothered.

    Nikola GROMOVIC

    … because sharks don't have horns!


    Soooo no run flats on that then?

    keith morris

    Unlucky you,as this is a standard fitment in U K & EU.


    I would call it "On Demand" AWD.


    Hate these metall trim clips……thay always destroy the Plastictrim…..
    First i saw it, was back in the Golf 4 / Audi TT 8n-times.

    I am not a big fan of plasticclips, but they work very well on the MK3.


    Stoked my s3 came with spare but also a 5k premium πŸ˜‚
    Good tutorial thoπŸ‘πŸ‘

    Zoltan R

    Fuck that


    FYI – My Mk7R came delivered with a spare, tools, etc. here in Australia.

    coalie roller

    Linglong tire? I wonder why would VAG had that? My MQB A3 did have the same spare wheel, but it was from Continental.

    Ben Dayspring

    It didn't come with one cause vw is still hurting from the diesel debacle.


    All UK models come with the space saver spare as standard….so all the concerns about 4WD etc are meaningless.


    Anybody else remember the televised commercials touting the full-sized spare in the MkIV? Pepperidge Farm remembers…

    EL paWLo

    they didn't put it in there because you don't get flats thats why πŸ˜‰

    Luke White

    I honestly can’t believe I just watched an entire video of someone installing a spare tire in a car that I don’t even own! πŸ˜€I do appreciate the general OEM+ levels of modifications. Matches my tastes almost perfectly. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I’m thrilled my Focus ST came with a full size spare. Had the car 3+ years and used it 4 times. Had my previous car 10 years almost to the day and the spare never saw the light of day (other than tire pressure checks, of course 😎). Its predecessor, a GTI VR6, went 9 years and only had one flat that I can recall. Not sure why the ST seems to be cursed.

    Keith Sherry

    That's not a spare tyre πŸ™‚

    Dane Diesner

    Cost cutting by far I say for sure

    James Kaminski

    Its faux wheel drive πŸ˜‚


    Why the hell would you want to add 50 pounds to your car?

    Tell me, when was the last time you had a flat tire~? Flat tires are something from the '50's thru the '70's, when tires were cheaply built. Now that even the average Camry can push 150 mph, tires are far better made and spares only add weight, just slowing your car down….

    Nino Ellison

    Hi. Great vid. You mentioned your wheel spacers. Can I ask what thickness (mm or inches) they are? And did they improve handling? Many thanks!


    This video is smart as all get out. I just helped a coworker with her factory goo kit and she didn't make it a mile. Had to call AAA. Now she's looking into this very solution.

    AJ Harran

    Hey now. It's active all wheel drive.

    Steven L

    Will you add that road side triangle? Seems like the US spec GTi and Rs didn't get them. I could be wrong.

    Mike G Silva

    It was most likely for weight reduction in my opinion. And probably for a better front/rear weight distribution. Thats why Mazda didnt put a spare in the nd miata.


    Bassman subwoofer installation with a spare please.

    Keith Doran

    I need this


    Heya, I wanted to find out if possible, I got a new Gli Jetta and wanted to get some things for it like carbon fiber pieces and such, where is a good company to get stuff for VW?

    Mike TeeVee

    By not offering a spare tire option VW USA is simply trying to spin the Golf R as an "exotic". A Lambo or Ferrari doesn't have one, so the Golf R shouldn't either. Silly marketing. You did a good thing Charles – the $300 cost is simply worth it for the piece of mind it'll bring. Cheers!


    mk6 r came with it πŸ™‚


    As far as I can discover, it's about weight savings (about 25 lb in a regular Hyundai), and thus fuel economy. That said, Hyundai are rethinking this strategy, as it's been alienating some customers. Interestingly, my own '16 Hyundai came with a repair kit, but the complete spare kit (space-saver spare tyre and all the tools) was only about $70 from the stealership, and fits in exactly where the inflation kit used to reside.

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