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How to Check Any Car Starter

Main How to Check Any Car Starter

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    Tools Used: Digital Multimeter Link: Power Probe Wire Piercer Link: Want to make more money as a …

    Edmund Mendez

    Nice video man. Can you do a beginner's video on STFT and LTFT?


    I like to use a horn for checking circuits alone especially starters , hook it to the signal wire and turn the key


    Terrible test… If you only consider this test, you’ll replace starters until you are out of business. A starter being fed by a 22awg wire would pass this test all day long, but that doesn’t mean the engine will crank over or that the starter is bad.

    Monster Squash auto

    Nice work Nestor. I love all of your videos and advice. Thank you for helping me grow my business and knowledge

    Jason Bowman

    Isn't another possibility that the engine block to chassis ground strap could be busted? You might have 12V at the back of the starter but if you put the negative lead of your multimeter in the wrong spot you might miss a ground side issue. By wrong spot I mean you should place the negative multimeter lead on the engine block when checking the starter not the negative battery terminal. I think putting it on the negative battery terminal and not immediately downstream of the load bypasses any problems on the ground side and could give a false result. Edit: I think you need to do both to check both the positive and negative sides of the starter.


    Bro when ever you have a chance make a coil ,spark plugs and wires to coils check with or without a multimeter… grate video keep up the good work and see that you did some new with the vids nice… note add what setting you put you multimeter next time…

    Jesus Granillo

    Thanks for the vids nestor, do you think i can do a leak down test with a 8 gallon air compressor?

    request coin

    Great video Nestor would you ever consider package deal for your customers for example tuneup alignment Oil change for a fixed rate so that I can advertise to Used car dealers . I would like to have a shop that only does this kind of work remember I’m not a mechanic Great work man

    Bro I still think about that blonde busty girl that u used to have “ la Polanca “

    Inventor Down The Rabbit Hole Network

    Good video bro.

    David S.

    If you are alone and don't have a power probe you can use a test light placing it so you can see it when you turn the key on

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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