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How To Fix Your Ripped Seat For Less Than $10

Main How To Fix Your Ripped Seat For Less Than $10

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    How to fix your ripped seat for less than $10 If a BleepinJeep video has ever helped you consider returning the favor by: • Supporting us on Patreon here: …


    Should have stuck a small iron on patch inside that front split, to keep the material from coming apart and tearing the new sewn threads apart. Now just cover em with a cheap seat cover and no one will know 🙂

    Zach Smith

    Why wouldn't you foam and patch under the tear and sow that in if you're going through that effort. I'd rather have a sliver of denim then some giant batch. Or just cover the seat with a cover?

    Eric faley

    Nice work . Never thought of fixing a seat that way. Thanks for the great tip.

    Jared Jesensky

    I need that blanket! Great video


    Information every off road user needs. Thank you!

    garrett wood

    I always go with the good ol fisherman’s noose knot
    The things you learn in Boy Scouts
    Sewing and ironing your own patches

    garrett wood

    I produced some all natural self sticky spray to this lmfao reaming out holes
    This video is making me hot and wet
    Too much sex appeal in this video

    Michael Price

    Just take a trip down to Mexico and those guys will do a beautiful job. You can also go to El Monte, in So California.


    WOW ! I just figured out what to do with my hoard of old jeans 👖 . I'm thinking all denim seat's Kool thanks for the video.

    KD2RDH Larry

    Cloth to cloth rips you can just use crazy glue. Pull tight and make the “seam” down deep and you won’t feel it. It grabs quick so you only get one chance at it. Too close to the surface and you’ll cut your legs on it.


    I feel dumber for watching this 🤦‍♂️

    Mark Chidester

    Looking good 👍


    I've been doing the Jeep thing for yearsssssssss, and i can honestly say I never would have thought of this!

    Rare Earth Fabrication

    Wow… I don’t know if anyone else ran into this but I had 8 commercials through this video? Every commercial break had two. You were forced to watch the first one and could skip the second after 5 seconds. Love the sticky crew but that was aggravating!


    Another tip for you guys “Never” leave the corners “Pointy” always make the corners round . They will 10 times more durable and last twice as long . My cousin redoes car interiors for a living and thats what he told me ..

    Trevor Leonard

    Great vid guys!! Keep that curved needle in first aid box for stitches on the trail. They work perfect and keep screaming to a minimum.

    steven carter

    For some reason. I don't think this would of came out as good for me.

    troy hamilton

    I use a,8.00 role of gorilla tape once a year lol

    Riding With The Reid’s

    I don't own a Jeep, but the driver's seat in my lifted Subaru Impreza has a tear that I've been patching with 🦍 tape. I think I may do this to make it more permanent. Thanks for the idea!


    I miss the old bleepinjeep..

    Screww Googlle

    You're a Lucky Bleepin Man !


    I got tetanus once from riding in a seat like that.

    Donis Jeffs

    An electric carving knife works great for trimming foam. You can usually find one at a thrift store for $5-10.


    Videos are getting better and better. Not one sticky comment yet but I'm only a 3rd of the way through 😬.

    Ben Speaker

    Great Vid !! never thought to just use iron on patches. will def give this a shot.. much better than watching that hole in my seat getting bigger. will be keeping an eye out for the next STICKY vid

    Carolus Magnus

    Great job big and little stinky!

    Mikie Peters

    Not sure if I’m on Chaturbate or YouTube?😜🤣🤣🤣

    Matt McNeice

    The Bigger question is: Why the hell is Anna Kendrick doing her own upholstery?


    I was just noticing the tears in my seat yesterday. But I won't do this fix. I don't want any more excuses to prolong replacing the seats.


    If it's just a toy who cares if it looks like shit.

    Steven Jackson

    I used old tactical pants and old uniforms to patch seats up while deployed overseas. That was three years ago and the patches are still running around out there.

    Kevin G

    First time sewing ? …Throw a seat covers over that now

    vic aven

    Ive done that multiple times with multiple vehicles. Works great. I just prefer to match the seat with the patch and i cut the patch down to about an inch over the rips. That eliminates the excess patch material. Good job. Well done.

    Heads Up Studios

    Fix your seat for under $10, we'll not exactly $10 because we assume you already have $30 of the stuff that it takes to fix the seat. Next we'll show you how build an entire new engine for under $50 but we assumed you already have all the parts and the new engine block. LOL

    monster Maes

    A couple of camo seat covers instead of the blanket and I’m thinking perfect repair!

    Brian Dady

    Nice I was beginni g to think I was the only one with a mud puddle next to the driver seat…👍great video!

    Randy Anderson

    That should hold… briefly.


    You could cut the hole in the foam to be more square and much easier to fill it in


    Someone needs to rip that steering wheel cover off and burn it ASAP!

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