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How To Install Paddle Shifters ($225 vs $25 DSG Paddle Shifter Extensions)

Main How To Install Paddle Shifters ($225 vs $25 DSG Paddle Shifter Extensions)

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    VW Paddle Shifter Tutorial. In this video I will show you how to install paddle shifters on MK7.5 Golf R. This can apply to many other cars. We are replacing the …


    I was rather surprised which ones I liked better. Now who wants to buy some paddle shifter extensions? LOL


    gloss ones look like billet alloy, the matt ones look like cast alloy and would be weaker. the lines on the back indicate a 10% difference in design defeating pattern design


    R&D… Lol. Just some designwork, no research needed to make that.


    16 USD on AliExpress

    zachariah liles

    I may be wrong, but it appears the cheaper ones look like they were cast and the more expensive ones were machined from billet. They should function exactly the same as long as the cast ones were done well.


    If the expensive one had the R&D put into it.
    Why does it wobble?
    even accounting for the coatings, this is apart of the R&D cycle.

    Ivan Elizarov

    The glue-on shifters shown in the video are for Mk6 paddles. I've used exactly the same ones for some time, but got rid of them because they were offset too far towards the dashboard. So, while downshifting in turns, my hand inavoidably interfered with a turn signal lever. "Shift, blink, turn – choose two" – that's not an ideal combo for daily driving.

    Offbeat Motors

    Just goes to show, the more expensive option isn't always the best quality. Plus, I like the look of the flat black as well.

    Rocket Kid

    $25 look way better.


    Had multiple GTI's never used the paddles. Gimmick feature to wow the clueless.


    You said that you want to paint them. This is what you do. Paint them same color as your car. But you take the paint code from your car and paint then the exact same color.


    Both seem like factory.


    Finally an upgrade I can afford… 🙂

    Dylan Lewis

    I'm surprised more manufacturers don't put more effort into paddle shifter design and quality on performance vehicles. That's one thing Alfa got right on the Giulias equipped with paddles. The OEM aluminum paddles look and feel amazing. Also, $250 for those paddles is ridiculous. Even if it's entirely manufactured in the U.S. it shouldn't be anywhere near that price. For $240 I bought an entire coolant reroute kit that was CNC machined and anodized in the U.S.


    Anyone else notice the CEL photoshopped into the thumbnail? Lol!


    what was the time difference between the cars with you driving? and whats your opinion on paddle shifters, attached to the wheel and rotate with the wheel or stationary and attached to the column itself. I realize you didn't have a choice with this car but some cars are one way and some are the other.


    I have an audi a3. I bought 20$ ebay stick on shifters 3 years ago. Never came unstuck, never had an issue, they dont wiggle or anything. Paying 200+$ for a stupid paddle shifter is just ridiculous when the cheap ones work exactly the same if you stick them on carefully


    Just bought a new Passat 2018 1.4TSI 7-speed Automatic. it has no paddle shifters, Can I install paddle shifters for it? Do I have to change my steering wheel?
    The car is made in Germany




    The cheaper one is probably cast and probably more likely to fatigue.

    Trevor Phillips
    The Dutch Texan

    Would these fit on a Passat GT? Asking for a friend…

    Keith Doran

    You got the wrong ones

    That Ebutuoy Guy

    The cheaper one looks better. For $200 I'd expect titanium. LOL.

    xe việt thợ việt

    What is this

    Chris Fazal

    you wouldn't have this problem if you bought an electric car… 😁

    That Generic Canadian

    Did the left, less expensive paddle fit as nicely as the right side one?

    Tony G.

    Buy the chippest paddle and some new bushs for the r32 with the rest of money

    Waasi Khan

    Hi Charles, Love the Video and all your work! Made me more confident working on VW cars. I have a Mk5 GTI and was wondering if the installation process is the same as you had shown? Thank you.

    Captain 345

    The expensive ones look cheaper.

    Mario DR

    Does this work on the S3 aswell?

    joe laurieri

    The cheaper paddles appear to be cast while the expensive ones are machined

    Takeo Mack

    Very impressive video friend!! 👍

    George Kartvelishvili

    I'm 99% sure they came from the same factory. Both are made in China by factory we'll call X. The cheap ones were ordered in bulk from X by some company A that sells them on ebay. The second was ordered by some company B to be made to higher standards and the X just polished it (removing some metal, hence wiggle) and painted it gloss. Afterwards the B decided that their paddle shifters are the best on the market and require a hefty premium. Also since they're more expensive it means less customers, so smaller orders, so more expensive, you get the feedback loop. In the end B ends up charging a lot more than A for a product that's marginally better. That's how those things happen.


    Very useful info, thanks. Wish those fit the 8V S3!

    Garage 17

    Just before the end of the video I was thinking, "I'm amazed he hasn't made race-car noises going through the gears"

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