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How To Lower Your Car ~ R32 Lowering Springs Installation

Main How To Lower Your Car ~ R32 Lowering Springs Installation

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    In this video, I will show you how to lower your car. I am installing H&R lowering springs, and Bilstein P8 Shock Absorbers. Lowering your car can give you a …


    Thank you guys for watching. I may have not mentioned in the video, but it's always recommenced to get a vehicle alignment after changing the suspension.

    Andy Man

    Those new coils are gonna settle in nicely. Great video overall. Super helpful with the little details on a Mk4 suspension upgrade & refresh.

    Brad Downs

    What about an alignment?

    Brad Downs

    Glad to see you didn't do coil overs and went with more of a budget friendly setup. Every one always shows high end budget breaking projects that the average person cannot afford. Need more things on good upgrades that are average person friendly.
    We all don't have deeeeep pockets but want to upgrade things.

    Mr.Smith IsThatYou?

    Come on now dude. Why, didn't you also replace the Rear Control Arms as you dropped your R32 more than .75 so when you go to do alignment it won't exactly get back to Stock alignment specs? Please correct me if I am wrong!

    Francesco Chiambretto

    Hi, my big question is, it's very better than the original bearing that's blue bearing?

    Alex Morangelli

    i have a very similar setup on my mk5. H&R lowering springs and shocks as well as powerflex bushings. couldn’t be happier

    T Blanco

    Nice video 👌..but was looking for how to lower it to lower hell and beyond 😘

    David Styles

    Hey Charles I have a question, I’m just starting out as a diesel mechanic and don’t know much of anything, I started with an apprenticeship yesterday and the techs there don’t seem to want to help me out at all, I’m asking them how I can help and am trying to learn but they just don’t seem to want to do anything with showing me how to do stuff and teach me, any tips I should know?

    Michael W

    Aren’t the strut cup bolts one use only stretch bolts? Also, while I fully accept this as “not recommended”, I like to use an electric impact with a variable torque trigger to snug the strut top bolts. On my Mk6 there’s just enough room for a torque wrench to properly fasten them when the assembly is on the car.


    Why no before&after pics though…

    Byran C

    Great video! I was looking at the H&R sport cup kit for my mk4 GTI but I might consider going with this setup instead. Thoughts?


    Someone got a Snapchat at 0:51!

    Joao Lucala

    Awesome…what if i don't make alignment, after changed d suspension, what will happened???

    Jan Kindl

    dont tight shock absorbers while vehicle in the air. it must be in ride position or you will destroy the bushing after time

    Jacob Johnson

    Any major differences doing a lowering spring install on a mk 7 gsw that you know of? Thanks!


    Damn that’s a beefy spring compressor, I do it the medium safe way with some dodgy spring compressors that look like they might bend 😂


    Another fantastic humble video from the one and only Humble Mechanic! Watching these videos eases my fear of tackling it myself sometime soon 😎 as I'm looking to remove all underside components to be powder coated etc. on my MK4 R32. Looking forward to more videos on suspension you mentioned 😁🎈


    I see there is a cupkit for a mk4 wagon 1.8t. Should I go with that for a good ride quality or switch out the springs like in this video?

    Francisco Rubio

    Would these be the same step for a 2000 mk4 Jetta glx?

    William Nguyen

    Awesome DIY video.. dude needs a show on the motor trend network for real!

    James Kaminski

    Finally, I kno I kept asking about this vid lol. My buddy has the bilsteins with the h&r oe sport so its a slight drop on his 20th ae. I love the look!!!!!!!!

    Martin Yescas

    Nice guy doing stuff just in case we dont have the tools.

    Angel Gomez

    Your videos always remind me of all the maintenance my mk 4 needs 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    Martin Lane

    spring is under compression. Tension would be pulling apart…

    Wyatt C

    3:23 ripped CV boot!!

    Gplus sucks big

    You probably got the B8s, I have the B6s with the same H&R kit on my mk1 TT (but with oem rubber mounts). Although awesome on a highway, the minute you hit a speedbump or a pothole its NASTY KLUNK TIME. I also have a big klunk noise on right full steering lock which I haven't been able to pinpoint. Everything else is renewed on the suspension (bushings, stabilizer bars etc).


    I had the same mk4 R and color love the DBP!! Awesome tutorial also.


    I really liked the part where kyle did…something 🙂


    Thank God you didn't put a 80mm kit in lol… then you'd be showing us "How to replace your oil-pan" tutorials…

    CrazyFeronie VAG

    #Bilstein are always a must have i put them on all my VW's with ST lowering springs or KW Lowering springs 40mm/40mm with 18"s Nice video.

    luis amoa

    No rubber insulators on top and bottom of springs ?


    No picture of the car lowered?!

    Mine Aim

    13/16" spark plug socket will work on those top strut nuts as well and they have the hex drive on top.

    Phone Shop

    I have problem with my Audi a3 2015 tdi quattro.. I already replaced brakes and pads(brembos) engine oil (castrol but concerned with this brand engine is loud when on slow rpm and resonating when driving fast)
    I replaced transmission fluid..
    The main problem is that car making whirring noise when am driving 70-75 mph.. When I reach 80mph that weird sound disappears when I drive under 70mhp that sound disapears too
    Dou u know what could it be?

    David Brugger

    I have a 2013 Passat 2.5 5 spd. Which shock/strut would you recommend to pair with the H&R OE spring which drops the car about an inch ? Looking to firm it up a bit but not harsh.

    Coolissim0 Unl1mited

    Hey Charles, great tutorial as always, thanks for sharing

    James Philpott

    I'd all way recommend get drop link when doing this job. I've had lose not come undone because of rust or snap

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