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How to Not Burn Out or Go Broke

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    The “Trade Triangle” can help you to get enough money for what you do whether that’s working on cars as a mechanic or whatever. It can also serve as a good …

    Oz Mechanics

    Awesome video brian. I need to put that triangle at my shop


    That's pretty much spot on. I have been in business 20 years now. Easier to get it done correctly the first time and not the second.

    Aris Torm

    Nothing is 'Free' someone pays and poor choices (fast and cheap) always comes back home.

    Terance Boren

    To be clear, the customer is only entitled to two, the third always belongs to the seller. Our business was electrostatic quick printing and the options were turn-around time, price, and quality.

    If the customer wanted 60,000 pages done perfectly in time to catch a 5 pm flight to Chicago, we charged what was necessary to push other jobs out of the way and bring in extra help or equipment. The price was ours.

    If they wanted the same job done right but dirt cheap, the turn-around time was ours. We fitted it in to dead spots in the day, so it took longer but we had no additional costs. That concept served me well over the years.


    I've been bitten on the arse more than once because I am 'basically' cheap, and sometimes impatient. 'Do it right', as you suggest. The only time fast and cheap worked out for me is when I bought my used Massey Ferguson 230.

    Tom OConnor

    Rem OEM secondhand is better than aftermarket unless completely knackered.

    Stuart Smith

    Hmmh. I’s never taught that. I guess I learned it… but not with full awareness behind it; Mos’ definitely the hard way. I’m in the process right now of giving myself the pep talk to get it up and out of burnout mode. I sure hate doing things wrong and it’s REEEEEEAAAALLLLLLY hard to do schlock even when people are really clearly asking for it.

    DE Nichols

    Brian, my friend, you described perfectly why I think the worst of some businesses or service advisors. They put it all their risky with fast and cheap and they wondered why they had fewer wins. I'm going to share this with one of the people that could be better. Maybe he'll fix his business.

    They promised excellence at a cheap price and understanding the risk explains to me how they got burned more often than other businesses.

    They blamed me, but I blame the process with wisdom, which value you provide in this video.

    Alpha Pac Off-road

    Dealing with the fast and cheap right now. AC compressor clutch for my cousin who hasn't much money and needed her vehicle asap. Clutch locked up and won't disengage after about 2 weeks. Having to replace it again which sucks! Product failure sucks

    Will Stone

    I like it. I watched it twice. Recently installed a new evaporator for my truck that was the cheapest, and it leaks. I should have gotten the mid priced one.

    Donkey A

    Great explanation, but in my experience as an auto body tech for 30 yrs this effects the poor s.o.b. that's out on the shop actually doing the work, not so much the owner! The owner, (everyone I worked for), insurance co., customer always demanded all three, now I'm sitting home (rotting) on disability because it hurts to move or breath while the owner is still shoveling $$ into his account.


    Words to work by! I'll have to post a pic on Instagram of something my niece made me 35 years ago.


    Love this kind of stuff. People need to hear these gems of knowledge & wisdom. Thanks Brian!

    Adam Schaafsma

    I found this to be so true! A few times I have purchased aftermarket parts like a MAF for my 03 WRX and I later found out that was causing problems and had to buy a genuine Denso anyway 🙄. Same with my alternator, and steering rack, etc. Apparently I don't learn…😅


    People expect Amazon fast and cheap along with American made high quality "right". Best way to succeed is don't own you're own business. Trust me!

    AssGrabber B

    This is exactly what the guy who owned the business beside me explained once. But you did it better.

    Ricky Hilliard Jr.

    I'm guessing the elephant in the room that clean shave was right and quality


    Well said my friend.

    Miriam Vivo

    Senor brian you would have made a great teacher. Best wishes from hamden, ct. I have been there done that. Retired looking for a purpose in life not easy. Nice end footage

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Stunning view

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Killer bonus footage bro

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great topic about the tradesman triangle

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video Brian

    a&s construction

    Well I just learned a lot in a matter of a couple fucking minutes thank you

    Grypmat Inc.

    The truth!


    one i like is if you cant afford to due it rite how can you afford to due it again,thanks for the flight.good stuff ,is that what keeps you from burning out?looks like great fun.

    george bonney90



    Wow, Good Food for thought.


    i hate reading


    Well said


    Brian…gimme a dollar!

    B Stevermer

    Every time I’ve paid to have it perfect, I’ve gotten fuxked.
    Well not every time, but I’ve hired many “pros” and gotten fuxked.


    Brian, I've been watching you for years and I have to ask now, did you get training for your paramotoring? My brother is in the process of getting training and purchasing his rig and I'm very curious about your process.

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