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How To Prevent Expensive Tesla Wheel Damage

Main How To Prevent Expensive Tesla Wheel Damage

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    The Best Tesla Model 3 Wheels; Low Profile Tires Are Dumb Save $50 Off TSportline Wheels – Subscribe for new videos every …

    Andrew Luchenbach

    While the wheel is lighter, how much heavier is the tire with the larger sidewall?

    Margaux & J-B Roussel

    Nice look, I would love it even better I silver.


    It would be cheaper to just trade the tesla junk in for a big honking v8 powered truck with wheels designed to take on the normal everyday driving.


    Really appreciate this follow up to the pothole debacle. Thanks for taking us through it.
    I'm also very interested in the Tesla, and the experiences you're having with it 🙂

    Graham Hamilton

    I'd guess the 18" wheel also gives many more options for winter tyres.

    J Will

    Did you call those high profile tires?

    T S

    If you would like to know, how much ride improved – after a month replace wheels back to originals. You will feel the difference then

    Ed Jack

    hay j what if u use the new wheels more then c if the tier wear out the high spot?

    Zac Design

    Will the speed differentiate with 20 and now 18?

    Nathan Weber

    This video comes on point! Thinking about downsizing my wheels too! From 18inches to 17inches on my Alfa MiTo QV. Do you recommend keeping the OE tire/rim width?

    Cheers 🍀


    I hope elon watches this, and allows this as an option.

    Austin Hampton

    $380 in labor?!

    David Martin

    Excellent comparison! Thanks for sharing Jason 🙂

    Nick Wolford

    On my dad's used pickup truck, he got rid of the goofy 22" chrome wheels (with maybe 2" of sidewall) for regular 17" OEM wheels with 5"+ of sidewall and the ride difference was VERY noticeable. It made it actually feel like the Cadillac it was and not some slammed garbage.

    Matt Herman

    I would talk to the city that the pole was in and request them pay for the repairs of the tires. I cracked my wheel in my jeep and my city paid for the repairs.

    Bryan Welch

    I love this channel but man the front of that car is ugly. I hate Tesla.


    The L key is your best friend. Unless you're into a 2-3 minute video being turned into a half an hour of your life.

    Benjamin Davidson



    That TPMS sensor stem looks like a Siemens VDO sensor 😊


    ok guys, allgo for 10 inch wheels.

    rick barajas

    It’s 1:30am and I’m laying here watching this. I don’t have a Tesla 😅


    I couldn't believe that with all Jason's background and understanding of mechanical engineering, he didn't understand the standard tyre (tire for you Yanks) codes. For a 245-45-20 tyre the codes are;

    245 – the width of the tyre in millimetres,
    45 – the height of the profile expressed as a percentage of the width and
    20 – the diameter of the rim in inches.

    What's also important when changing tyres that the circumference remain constant. Any differences will affect the speedometer and acceleration. When you do the maths bwtween the 20" and the 18" tryes there is only a difference of about 12mm in circumference, therefore almost identical.

    Juan Siahaan

    Why the original tires have no rim guard? I used to have 205/60 R16 and they had rim guards.

    Javier Jr Serrano

    Send that wheel to EXPRESS WHEEL REPAIR AND POWDER COATING remember the s2k wheels

    Joseph W

    The only thing with the larger wheel is surely it will provide better cooling for the brakes with more air being able to be passed through?

    Kamil F.

    Broke like cheap chineese wheels not oem but I forgot… That's tesla

    JP dJ

    Unsprung mass – if we consider the "sprung mass" at velocity and consider its inertia (its mass may amount to 4,000 lbs) then I would argue sprung and unsprung have a role reversal. The lighter wheel has less inertia and both gravity and spring/shocks pull/push it down easier to maintain wheel contact with the road. It's all relative … Nice story btw. Will forward to Tesla Perf owner.


    So I have 17 inch rim with low profile tires. Ive hit some really intense potholes and stuff like that. My rims have never bent. Maybe tesla just uses bad rims or you just got a bad bunch. Idk but from my exp I think rims should be able to go over potholes from time to time. Especially considering theyre a company from cali where the roads are less than ideal ( I live in cali so I know from personal exp). Maybe it has to do with weight not 100% sure but thats just my thoughts on the whole thing. If these end up getting messed up maybe go aftermarket?


    You guys always buy them hiper brakes and the standard brakes will stop the car just fine.
    I do understand why you want higher profile tires. I hit a hole in my 2016 F165 and bent a stock $500 18 inch wheel, put a knot on a brand new $218 Michelin tire and knock my truck slightly out of line.


    How can the wheel diameter matter if the overall diameter is the same?? The better 0-60 times is most likely because of less weight. 40 pounds less car to push, and theres also less rolling resistance with the thinner tyre.

    Dino Rei

    I´d like to know where these wheels are made.
    What´s the company who provides the wheels to Tesla?
    I heard the name T Sportline but the OEM is what I want to know.

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