Tuesday, March 21, 2023

How To Rebuild an RCV Axle Shaft

Main How To Rebuild an RCV Axle Shaft

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    In this video I’ll show you how to rebuild an RCV axle shaft joint and all the tools you’ll need. If a BleepinJeep video has ever helped you consider returning the …

    Aaron’s Automotive

    I dont have a parts washer…. does the wifes dish washer work well?

    American.prepper. xj

    Matt need to do it another scorpion crawler build

    Rick Marquart

    Thnx, Matt. I want RCV’s so bad.

    Larry Bauerle

    Awesome, thanks Matt!


    doood this was violent!

    Shane Cazimero

    I would like to point out that a handy man Jack and a jeep make a great vice

    Anthony Cruz, Jr.

    Thanks for the info. What spline shafts are those? RCV told me my 35 spline wouldn't make it through their outer tube seals like you just did. Are they a lower spline or are those different outer tube seals?

    George R

    Where did you find that shirt? I have one just like it. 👀

    Jimmy T

    glad to see a how to again. I loved the roots of this channel and the garage videos! Thanks Matt!

    Tom D

    I'm itchin for project builds!

    Dale Dubose

    Does the scorpion have a d44 in the front? What kind? Whats in rear?

    Brian Fedie

    You put 40's on a 44?!*@# Let's see it! Truss? thicker tubes? How long did it last? Engine size? 🙂


    The only thing i would do differently, would be to use a brass or copper punch/rod.

    Mark Watrous

    Hitting hardened steel with a steel hammer will prove that you should wear safety glasses

    fuzzy wuzzy

    I need to poop

    Jeepin Dave

    Video idea.

    Do a follow on the scorpion now that youve ran it a few years and discuss the pro and cons of not doing 1 tons and other things you would have done differently.

    Shutter Bugg

    USE A BRASS PUNCH!!!!! WTH? And get some soft jaws for that vise. Way to foul the splines, genius. And I'm pretty sure that's the wrong kind of grease.

    James Hall

    i was cringing every time you hit that with the hammer and punch. should you use a brass punch and hammer?

    Mike’s Auto Garage

    Need to hit the cage

    Mr 60

    I hate it when my balls hit the floor.

    Jeremy Smith

    My RCV’s are brand new and I hope I never have to beat on them like this, not a lot of people can even afford them let alone beat the hell out of them, I’m only running 37’s on one rig and 38’s on another and I try to stay out of the muddy shit to preserve my RCV’s and Tom Woods shafts!

    Genghis Chuan

    please get a brass hammer and punch.

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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