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How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

Main How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

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    Learn how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of your car in this two episode series. First I will show you how to remove the wheel bearing, ball joints, …


    Did you guys get notified by YouTube that the video was posted? Also when you watched the video, was there a screen that said "this video was flagged by the YouTube community and may be offensive" or something like that? Just wanted to check because I had issues last night which is why I had to postpone publishing the video. I hope it's all fixed and you guys learn a lot from the video! Stay tuned for the next video and then for a video that, well, covers a life changing event 😉
    Also for those asking why I am wondering, here is what happened last night when I went to publish:

    Christopher Alvarez

    Me: Literally doesn’t even own or know anything about cars

    Also me: I understand

    Tol Tales HQ

    Cris you should show how to convert a vehicle from 2wd to 4wd


    Hey Chris great video! But I have a question, my 200 Mitsubishi eclipse front passenger tire has alot of side to side play. Do you have any idea what it might be? Please help.

    Madison Callaghan


    Khangura Supra

    How did you learn to do this???? I need advice
    Great video by the way 👍

    Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans.
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    Henry Phillips

    I already know these jobs well and have done them all plenty of times. and have plenty of tools. I still learned a lot watching! This it truly a great guide for all. Its like Mechanical therapy watching as well. I love shifting bolts! I would have 100% used a wire brush hard after and before WD40 on all the bolts first. I like your method of a screwdriver in the brake disk! I didnt think of that before now and have put the brake back on and got someone to hold the brake for me! That was a great little tip! Light bulb! haha.

    Diego Salmeron

    The poor kid he bought it from must be thinking he should've done this earlier himself… Chris is the best! 😀

    Maker Guy

    Make another mustang video pls great video as always

    Nhu Bui

    Thanks .

    Your Boii Grey

    On the upper ball joint, when you hit the stud out and you’re replacing the control arm, do you have to put the castle bolt back on or can you just hit it out normally?

    andrew yang

    Perfect. Just as I wanted! Thanks so much, Chris

    Mikey’s Experience

    Waiting for his own shop “Chris FixItUp” lmao

    Андрей Милаш

    Great video! But why your white car painted in black so badly? I think the steering rack is should be replaced in this case too.


    ChrisFix could u make a playlist or something where u just post the raw footage of u doing your projects


    my grandpa owns a junkyard sell a lot of old cars and trucks

    Stephanie Rodriquez

    Ugly pedo

    Raphael Montemayor

    Nice job for this chris. But the thing is when you are trying to remove the hub. I already laugh because I think you're mast*****ting hahahaha peace man ✌✌✌


    I wonder how many people watched this video and followed along and then have to wait another week to install their new suspension

    Robert # 1 Happy Glen Loop Sun Vally Paranaque City

    thank your crisfix now i can fix my car

    Mike Ratinski

    I bet a lot of tech shops hate him

    Jay A. Jennings

    Your doing gods work right here!!! Love your vids man!


    You put so much info into safety it’s un watchable

    Nick Brock

    I got an ad for struts on this video lol

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